Sub-system use case diagram

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Each group member will individually submit the following

  • A listing of their assigned sub-system(s) and the functional requirements included in each sub-system (My assigned Sub-systems is Track Current Inventory (Operations), Track Expired Inventory (Operations) )
  • Their individual sub-system use case diagram(s) in the proper format, using the appropriate notation (assigned by the Week 2 Facilitator)
  • The projected cost of designing, implementing, and maintaining the system for the next five to seven years, including the appropriate cost categories and sub-costs. A rationale is included for the projected costs.

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Information System Project Case Study Geo and Sally’s Flower Shoppe The following is a case study to describe the data needs of a small company. The descriptive material includes:      Background Business Processes Personnel Forms and Documents Interviews Background Geo and Sally’s Flower Shoppe began 10 years ago as a small local flower shop by two friends who loved creating beautiful flower arrangements for a reasonable price. Over time, Geo and Sally’s customer base began to expand as local customers told friends and family members around the country about the wonderful arrangements Geo and Sally could create for a very reasonable price. Besides flower arrangements, customers were interested in purchasing the unique pots they used for the arrangements, floral and garden accessories, garden flowers, vegetable plants, bushes, and even smaller trees. In addition to family customers, the business has expanded to include several small and even a few larger businesses in the local area. Through all of the expansion, flower arrangements remain the mainstay and primary profit center for the business. Geo’s brother Sammy suggested Geo and Sally set up an Internet storefront to sell more flower arrangements, which they did last year. They now find themselves owners of an ever-expanding Internet business with a loyal local customer base at their shop in Denver, Colorado. The shop itself has grown from the initial 500 square foot modified living room of an old home Geo used to live in to a new 6,000 square foot facility the company moved into two years ago. It includes a 1000 square foot showroom where they can display a variety of unique flower arrangements and containers. Arrangements in the showroom that do not sell within three days must be replaced so only the best items are seen and purchased by the large walk-in customer base. Geo and Sally’s information and data storage needs have exceeded the capacity of the current system. Sammy told Geo that he and Sally need to hire a consulting group to help them to implement a modern database system for accounting, payroll, inventory control, and sales. © 2015 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 1 of 11 Business Processes # 1 Selling Process 2 Operations (planting, growing, arranging flowers, and other items) 3 Materials ordering, receiving, and stocking 4 Inventory control 5 6 7 8 Daily balancing Payroll and Human Resources Accounts receivable Accounts payable Main Tasks Tracking prospects, recording sales, order confirmations, invoicing, etc. Ordering, recording, and tracking work progress Controlling operating materials Accepting, recording, tracking consumption, and costs Reconciling credits and debits Tracking and paying employees Tracking moneys owed the company Tracking what the company owes creditors and vendors Personnel (position: name – process responsibility) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Owners: Geo and Sally – all Sales Manager: Sammy – 1, 5 Salespersons: Saria, Rasta, Danny, Tiffany, and John (Internet sales only) Bookkeeper: Sasha – 5, 6, 7, 8 Operations Manager: Dylan – 2, 3, 4, 6 Workers: Jeremiah, Sharon, Mariah, Shelly, and Linda Purchasing Manager: Donn – 2, 3, 4 Forms and Documents (Figures 1 through 13 represent skeletal data descriptions—input and output—of the manual system.) 1. Customer Invoice 2. Commission Statement 3. Vendor Data Card 4. Vendor Invoice 5. Inventory Report 6. Purchase Order 7. Daily Sales Summary 8. Time Card 9. Payroll Check and Summary Form 10. Federal 941 Payroll Tax Withholding Summary 11. General Ledger 12. Bank Deposit Record 13. Cash Register Ticket © 2015 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 2 of 11 Figure 1. Customer Invoice Geo and Sally’s Flower Shoppe Date: _____________ Invoice number: 99999 Item Description Customer Address City □ Cash Stock number □ Visa Quantity Salesperson: ________________________________________ □ MC Price Ext. Price Subtotal Sales tax Total Figure 2. Commission Statement COMMISSION STATEMENT Salesperson: __________________ Reporting Date: _____________ Sales date Invoice Retail Total Commission Totals © 2015 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 3 of 11 Figure 3. Vendor Data Card Larry’s Garden Products 234 Main Street Boulder, CO 82322 Product Line: Garden Products Vendor ID: 88888 Customer Service Contact: Rick James Telephone: 333-455-4544 Figure 4. Vendor Invoice Vendor Name Customer ID: ___________ Shipping Date: _________ Sold to: Item Description Quantity Units Order Date: PO Number: Price Ext Price Sub-total Shipping Total Figure 5. Inventory Report Inventory Report for Period Ending: ____________ Starting Ending Item Description Sales Thresholds Inventory Inventory © 2015 Laureate Education, Inc. Order Page 4 of 11 Figure 6. Purchase Order Geo and Sally’s Flower Shoppe 123 Main Street Denver, CO 80221 Supplier ID: ____________ Federal Tax ID: 36-39393939 Item Description Quantity Ship by: Comment: Authorized by: ________________________________ Figure 7. Daily Sales Summary Manager name: Cash register amount at start of day Number cash sales actions Number credit card sales actions Number check sales actions Total sales actions Overage/shortage Comments: © 2015 Laureate Education, Inc. PO Number 22222 Order Date: Shipping Date: Terms Net 30 CO Tax ID: 404-393939 Units Price Amount Subtotal Discount % Tax Shipping Total Date: Cash sales Credit card sales Check sales Total sales Total amount refunded Balance Page 5 of 11 Figure 8. Time Card Name: ID: Date Time in Time Out Hours Total Hours: Figure 9. Payroll Check and Summary Form Check no: 9999 Date: ____________ Geo and Sally’s Flower Shoppe Name: SSN Pay to the order of: ______________________________ $ __________._____ Gross Pay FICA Amount: _________________________ Dollars FITA Payer name: _____________________________ © 2015 Laureate Education, Inc. Current Year to Date Med State Net Pay Page 6 of 11 Figure 10. Federal 941 Payroll Tax Withholding Summary Federal 941 1st Qtr. Monthly Month FITA FICA Med Deposits 1 781.06 426.03 99.64 1,832.40 Gross Pay 6,871.42 2 753.83 395.77 92.56 1,730.50 6,383.37 3 740.18 386.33 90.35 1,693.54 6,231.13 2,275.07 1,208.13 282.55 5,256.44 19,485.92 Grand Total 2 Total wages and 19,485.92 3 Total income tax 2,275.07 5 Adjusted total income tax 2,275.07 6a Taxable SS wages 19,485.92 x 12.4 % 6 b 2,416.25 7a Taxable Med wages 19,485.92 x 2.9 % 7 b 565.09 8 Total social security and Medicare taxes (add lines 6b and 7b) 10 Adjusted total of Social Security and Medicare 2,981.35 11 Total taxes (add lines 5 and 10) 5,256.42 14 Total deposits for the quarter ending: _____________________ See above 15 Balance 17 a 17 b 2,981.35 0 17 c 17 d Note: for block 17, take data from first, second and third month data at top of this report Colorado State Withholding Tax Gross Pay $19,485.92 State taxes withheld: © 2015 Laureate Education, Inc. $1,056.47 Page 7 of 11 Figure 11. General Ledger Geo and Sally’s Shoppe General Ledger Date: ______________________ Code Description Balance brought forward (date) ______________ Credit Debit Net Figure 12. Bank Deposit Record Bank deposit record Serial no. 1234 Account: 04393884 Date of deposit: __________________ Total of checks deposited Note: It is company policy to deposit all receipts Total cash daily. deposited Total deposited Comment: © 2015 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 8 of 11 Figure 13. Cash Register Ticket Geo and Sally’s Flower Shoppe Register no: 43233 Date: ___________ Item Type Amount 1 2 3 4 5 Sub-tot Tax Total © 2015 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 9 of 11 Interviews Sally (Co-owner and CEO) – “Geo and I started the business 10 years ago. Most of the time, I was able to keep track of accounts but, in the last few years, our business has grown and I cannot manage it anymore the way I used to. I think all of our employees are honest and hard workers but lately I have been unable to track inventory and customers. Sasha is having greater difficulty with billing and paying bills, because of the volume we now have and I cannot afford to hire more accounting staff. We tried that and found the paperwork just got more complex. I think everybody is honest, but keeping track of inventory and costs creates a lot of work. Besides, it is not very effective. I really need a system that can tell what we have on hand, what we need to order, and which are our best customers. I really need to provide better service to our customers. I need a system that would allow me to target sales to the highest-volume customers and be able to select the types of merchandise they want. Now that I have so many salesmen, I cannot keep track of what the customers are buying like I could when it was just Geo and I running the company. I also need accurate reports of inventory, what types of items we have in stock, what flowers, plants, garden products, and containers the wholesale and retail values, and so on. There are excessive paper logs to maintain, and it takes a lot of time to retrieve records. It is also very challenging to communicate and collaborate with various company personnel about matters such as sales, balancing, etc. The trade is now so competitive that I really have to watch my costs, and that means controlling inventory and being very smart about what I order for inventory. What can you do for me?” Sammy (Sales Manager) – “I really like working for Geo and Sally, but I just cannot provide the type of service to our customers like they say they used to when they were selling flowers in the original shop. The volume is just too much and we cannot expect all the salesmen to know the personal tastes of every customer, but that is what we need to provide the service they want. We really need to know which customers like what, when new inventory will arrive, and what has already arrived but is not in the showroom. And, the paperwork is getting worse. We really need better data. A key issue we have to address is when to sell on credit. A few customers are, at times, overextended with their accounts, and we really should not sell to them on credit. We need to know what their outstanding balances are at the time they order or come into the shop. We need an efficient way in which each salesman can store customer information that can be easily, yet securely, accessed by other sales personnel. “I need detailed information about what our salesmen are doing so that I can help them focus on the right merchandise with the correct customers, and frankly, I need to know which salesmen are just lazy. “The way we do it now, we have to fill out invoices, take manual inventory and total cash receipts, balance the cash register, and count the cash, and so on. There is a lot of work that has to be done at the end of every day after we close the shop. I would like to © 2015 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 10 of 11 be able to just count the cash and know what the total deposits should be; every time there is a mistake, we have to start over.” Sasha (Bookkeeper) – “Well, as you know, this is a growing company and I just cannot handle the paperwork like I used to. It is just too time consuming to post daily ledgers, reconcile daily sales reports and cash receipts and deposits. I need a way to automate the data and be able to hold the people responsible who actually handle the money and inventory. I also need to merge the store and Internet sales information, which can then be easily accessed by any other authorized personnel. Some salespeople are on commission, but the senior employees are salaried. I would like to just print the checks and do the audits on a regular schedule, rather than having to manually process invoices and time cards to figure out who should get paid what and how much tax to deduct. Just the tax numbers for sales and payroll are a lot of work.” Dylan (Operations Manager) – “My problem is just keeping track of what work orders have been received, how much has been completed on each flower arrangement, which arrangements in the showroom need to be rotated out, who is doing the work, and when it will be completed. It is too much work for one person and it slows down work when each worker has to keep all kinds of records. The records are never accurate or worth trying to use. I need a way to know exactly what is going on at all times so I can more efficiently assign work to my employees. It would be very beneficial if I can somehow share information with other personnel, view their logs, and exchange information more efficiently.” Donn (Purchasing) – “I have a lot of vendors, and we stock a lot of different flower types, plants, garden products, and containers. I need to know exactly how much I have in stock, the usage rates, and what materials will be needed for pending orders, so that I can order the goods in time for the work to start. It causes real problems when we have to stop work on a project just because we have run out of the correct materials. I need to be able to coordinate with Dylan and update information about work orders and items needed for completing them. You can just guess what it does to our relationship with our customers when we deliver products late. We have a lot of waste in dead stock: materials that just sit on the shelf and wilts because we ordered too much or the wrong materials for the customer’s order. There must be a better way.” © 2015 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 11 of 11 ...
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Running head: SUB-SYSTEM


Discussion on the Sub-system and the included use case diagram
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1. The sub-system(s) and their functional requirements
The assigned sub-systems(s) in this case includes:

Track current operations...

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