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My topic is shedding more light on the growing obesity problem and obesity prevention in Marion County/Ocala, FL. Marion County is a fairly good sized city where it generally takes a car at all times to get anywhere (instead of the option to walk or bike) because of how far spread out it is. Attached is my list of partners I've identified to help with my plan. Ideally, my solutions would be better health and nutrition education in all schools (a food and nutrition course; the possibility of "learning gardens" to teach kids about food and healthy habits; better lunch and vending machine options that are healthy and delicious, that will also make kids excited instead of groan in displeasure) and to create a community health and nutrition co-op to teach adults healthier ways to eat and smarter ways to shop for healthy alternatives (possibly some kind of public transit to help people that cannot make it to fresh food stores on their own). The co-op could offer cooking classes (if in a community center, exercise and activities could be offered as well).

Option #2: The Community Action Plan: Written Report

Your Portfolio Project for this class is a Community Action Plan designed to alleviate or correct a public health issue in your community. Your community can be your business, school, neighborhood, town or city of residence or birth, or county.

For Option #2, your Community Action Plan will be a professional portfolio that includes a written report and a handout.

Below are some useful sites where you can find examples of the elements of an action plan.




Final Paper Instructions:

  1. The final case study should include four sections (Symptoms, Diagnosis, Cure, and Prevention). Each section should be about 1 page in length. Your entire paper must be 4-5 pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages, which must be included. Your paper must follow theCSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
  2. You must cite and integrate at least 2 credible sources in each of the four sections of the paper. You may use readings other than the textbook to meet this requirement. The paper should be based on references to scholarly materials (rather than on introductory textbooks, popular website writings, or musings, for example) and should support your claims with evidence.
  3. List the key community members or partners that you plan on contacting, with an explanation why these individuals or organizations make sense as potential partners. This could include your list of potential partners created in week 4 Critical Thinking Assignment Option #1, or your interview of one key partner completed in week 4 Critical Thinking Option #2.
  4. Include a special emphasis on the demographics of the affected population.
  5. Include a realistic timeline for your plan. Discuss the time needed for campaigning, education, funding, building, and implementation. Use ideas created during week 6 Critical Thinking Assignments, either the option for annotated bibliography or that for the brainstorming draft feedback.

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Running head: FINDING PARTNERS FOR OBESITY PREVENTION Finding Partners for Obesity Prevention Kelly A. Goodnow BIO201– Public Health and the Environment Colorado State University – Global Campus Dr. Jennifer Feighny October 14, 2018 1 FINDING PARTNERS FOR OBESITY PREVENTION 2 Finding Partners for Obesity Prevention Partner: Marion County Public Schools Contact: Heidi Maier, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools Jonathan H. Grantham, Ed.D, Deputy Superintendent Contact Information: Ph. 352-671-7700 | https://www.marionschools.net/marionfl Reason for partnership: I believe a strong partnership can arise from working closely with the superintendent and deputy superintendent of the Marion County School Board because their commitment to the nutrition and education of their students in all of their schools. Their mission is to provide nutritious meals to help boost student performance in the classroom. Marion County School Board has already taken many steps in the right direction to join the fight against obesity. Working together with Marion County to implement not only nutritious foods, but to educate why those foods are best, how to proportion and even how to prepare their own healthy foods can help to gain a better handle on health and wellness at an early age, effectively combating obesity before it begins. Partner: Marion County UF/IFAS - University of Florida Extension Services Contact: Nancy Gal - Extension Agent IV, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health, Nutrition Food Safety Contact Information: Ph. 352-671-8400 | https://www.marioncountyfl.org/departmentsagencies/departments-a-n/extension-service/nutrition-and-wellness/programs Reason for partnership: I believe a strong partnership can arise from working closely with Marion County UF/IFAS and Nancy Gal because they already have a great base for health and wellness approaches with events with healthy meal planning and pre-diabetic education classes. A great reason to work together would be to increase the amount of people that are aware of these options and how to take care of themselves. Stronger advertisements and a better outreach program to Ocala and Marion County will encourage more engagement in services offered and increase the number of people taking advantage of the opportunities offered to them. A variety of class schedules on different days and times will ensure greater amounts of people can attend. Partner: Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) Contact: Florida Department of Health Contact Information: 850-245-4407 | http://www.floridahealth.gov/%5C/statistics-anddata/survey-data/cppw/index.html Reason for partnership: The Florida Department of Health’s Communities Putting Prevention to Work Program is a locally driven initiative supporting 50 communities, over a two-year period, to tackle obesity. Working directly with the Florida Department of Health and their CPPW Program can help to better understand how the obesity problem has gotten so big, determine solutions and to implement changes to help change the obesity rates in Ocala and Marion County. Partner: Marion County Parks and Recreation Contact: Jim Couillard, Director/Landscape Architect Contact Information: 352-671-8560 Reason for partnership: I believe Marion County Parks and Recreation to be a great partner to work with in the fight to prevent obesity. Parks and Recreation proudly maintains over 40 park FINDING PARTNERS FOR OBESITY PREVENTION 3 sites, which include everything from boating and swimming access, sports fields, hiking trails and one-of-a kind play areas for children of all abilities. Marion County Parks and Recreation draws a lot of attention throughout the year with activities and classes for the area, so pairing with them to offer health and wellness courses and cooking events would be an extremely helpful way in getting people in the city to participate in obesity prevention acts. Partner: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Contact: Adam H. Putnam, Commissioner Contact Information: (850) 617-7400 | https://www.freshfromflorida.com/FoodNutrition/Nutrition-Programs/Farm-to-School/School-Gardens/Fresh-for-Florida-Kids-TeachingGarden Reason for partnership: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services would be a fantastic partnership because they have already taken steps to implement a Fresh for Florida Kids Teaching Garden. The tours offered at the teaching garden educate students on the importance of a nutritious diet and the benefits of growing their own food. This would also be a great partnership to learn how to implement teaching gardens in Ocala. Utilizing their strategy to create teaching gardens would be fantastic for both children and adults alike. Partner: Florida Department of Transportation Contact: Mike Dew, Secretary Contact Information: 850-414-4100 | FDOT. (1996). Florida Department of Transportation. Retrieved from http://www.fdot.gov/default.shtm Reason for partnership: The Florida Department of Transportation would be a beneficial partner to help create a city transit service specifically tailored to visiting farmer’s markets and grocery stores. What would be specific about this transit that would be different from bus lines would be the service going to areas the buses do not reach. There are still those that cannot make it to the bus stops, because they do not go into the neighborhoods themselves. Partnering with FDOT would give the opportunity to create a transit service that extends to areas that regular transit does not visit. Partner: Marion County Childrens Alliance – Generation Fit (Childhood Nutrition Workgroup) Contact: Jessie Driggers, Health Educator Contact Information: (352) 644-2624 Reason for partnership: Marion County Childrens Alliance is a great partner in creating a better and healthier city because the work they do is trying to get better, healthier options in vending machines, concession stands, and schools, while also trying to create an educational plan to increase health and wellness knowledge in local schools. Partner: Silver Springs Shores Community and Youth Center Contact: Danny Smith Contact Information: 352-438-2810 Reason for partnership: A community and youth center is the perfect partner to help implement a health and wellness plan, as well as nutritional education programs. This youth center has a small membership fee that is easily affordable for everyone and has the possibility to provide a great place to educate the city’s youth. Partner: Marion County Hospital District FINDING PARTNERS FOR OBESITY PREVENTION 4 Contact: Curt Bromand, Executive Director Contact Information: 352-622-3662 | https://mchdt.org/about-us/ Reason for partnership: A great partner that may be overlooked is the Marion County Hospital District. Not only can the patients in hospitals themselves benefit from health and wellness education, new parents can also benefit from educational and nutritional information to help them from the start with themselves and their new family. Partner: CATCH: Coordinated Approach to Child Health Contact: Contact Information: 855-500-0050 x 805 Reason for partnership: CATCH would be a fantastic partnership because they offer healthy living and obesity prevention programs, as well as offers grants for creating incorporating an obesity program into schools. FINDING PARTNERS FOR OBESITY PREVENTION 5 References Catchglobal. (2014). Obesity Prevention Programs | Health Education Programs. Retrieved from https://catchinfo.org/programs/ Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. (2012). Fresh for Florida Kids Teaching Garden. Retrieved from https://www.freshfromflorida.com/FoodNutrition/Nutrition-Programs/Farm-to-School/School-Gardens/Fresh-for-FloridaKids-Teaching-Garden Florida Health. (2015, April 22). Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW). Retrieved from http://www.floridahealth.gov//statistics-and-data/surveydata/cppw/index.html FDOT. (1996). Florida Department of Transportation. Retrieved from http://www.fdot.gov/default.shtm Marion County. (n.d.). Nutrition and Wellness Resources. Retrieved from https://www.marioncountyfl.org/departments-agencies/departments-a-n/extensionservice/nutrition-and-wellness/nutrition-and-wellness-resources Marion County. (n.d.). Parks and Recreation. Retrieved from https://www.marioncountyfl.org/departments-agencies/departments-o-z/parks-andrecreation Marion County Children's Alliance. (n.d.). Generation Fit. Retrieved from http://mcchildrensalliance.org/blog/childhood-nutrition Marion County Public Schools. (n.d.). Food & Nutrition Services / Overview. Retrieved from https://www.marionschools.net/fsd MCHD. (n.d.). About – Marion County Hospital District. Retrieved from FINDING PARTNERS FOR OBESITY PREVENTION 6 https://mchdt.org/about-us/ Silver Springs Shores MSTU. (n.d.). Silver Springs Shores MSTU. Retrieved from https://www.marioncountyfl.org/departments-agencies/departments-a-n/silver-springsshores-mstu ...
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