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Part One: 200–300

Leroy Banks is the Director of Change Management for Red Carpet, a national hospitality and entertainment company. He has contracted you to be an OD Consultant because Red Carpet has recently acquired a movie theater company and needs to create a new division. Leroy realized that this acquisition has provided an opportunity to restructure some other parts of the Red Carpet as well so it can streamline its operations. Leroy has asked you to begin by assessing Red Carpet’s organizational environment.

Review the Red Carpet scenario for this course and with your classmates; discuss the following questions that will help you become familiar with Red Carpet:

  • Identify and describe 3 examples of external forces affecting Red Carpet.
  • Identify and describe 3 examples of internal forces affecting Red Carpet
  • What challenges have these forces created at Red Carpet?

Part Two : 850–1000

Now that you have gained an understanding of Red Carpet, Leroy has asked you to join in on a preliminary meeting with the VP of HR and other members of the organization to discuss change. The meeting was very tense because many employees are unsure of their role in the change process. In fact, the VP of HR has not settled yet on what type of change is needed or how to start up the change process. After the meeting, Leroy asked you to prepare an executive summary that could be provided to the VP of HR that would help to address these concerns.

Review the Red Carpet scenario for this course and prepare an executive report that includes the following:

  • What type of change does Red Carpet need? Should it be transformational, developmental or transitional and why?
  • What employees or employee groups should be key stakeholders in the change and why?
  • What initial activities should be planned to begin the change process?

Part Three: 300-400 words

The VP of HR reviewed the executive summary and decided that your recommendation was a strong course of action for the change process. In her discussions with Leroy, she mentioned that it would be good to have you participate in a focus group to discuss your experiences with the change process. She was interested in discovering some best practices for change and felt that your experiences would be very valuable to Red Carpet’s approach to change. To guide the discussion, she recommended addressing a few points that should be covered in the focus group. Leroy will gather the results of the focus group and share it with the VP of HR.

Review the Red Carpet scenario for this course and with your classmates; discuss the following questions that will provide insight into your own change experiences:

  • Describe a successful change initiative from your own experiences and why it worked well.
  • Describe an unsuccessful change initiative from your own experiences and why it did not achieve its intended objectives.
  • From your own experiences, summarize the key success factors for change at Red Carpet that you would recommend to Leroy.

Part Four: 5–7 slides (+ title and reference slides); Speaker notes of 200–250 words per slide

Now that the VP of HR has been briefed on the results of your focus group, she has asked you to work with Leroy to prepare a change management plan that could be used at Red Carpet. Leroy thinks it is important to use a set of steps from an established change model to guide the change process. He has recommended the OD Action Research Model, Appreciative Inquiry, and Kotter’s 8 Step Model as potential alternatives. But, the VP of HR wants to know all of the details, so Leroy has decided to partner with you to give a presentation to the VP of HR and make decision-making a collaborative effort. She is also concerned about the potential resistance to change at Red Carpet, so Leroy thinks it’s important to cover this in the presentation as well.

Review the Red Carpet scenario for this course and prepare a PowerPoint presentation that describes your change management recommendations, including the following:

  • Describe the set of steps in the OD Action Research Model, Appreciative Inquiry, and Kotter’s Eight Step Model.
  • What are the pros and cons of each model? Which model should Red Carpet use for its change process and why?
  • Considering the organizational culture of Red Carpet, how will the organization overcome resistance to change? What kinds of communications might be needed?

Part Five: 5–7 slides (+ title and reference slides); Speaker notes of 200–250 words per slide

Leroy has greatly enjoyed collaborating with you on the presentation. He reviewed the first part of the presentation and decided some additional material would help the VP of HR understand the change process you are proposing. In the second part, he would like you to develop some potential interventions or solutions to Red Carpet’s challenges. He also wants to know how to implement the interventions considering Red Carpet structure and culture so that the change plan can be more concrete. In the end, Red Carpet with need some means to evaluate the success of the interventions to make sure that they were effective. So, including this information will also be important to the VP of HR. Red Carpet is seeking long-term success with this change, so Leroy would like you to include a forward-thinking statement regarding the future of Red Carpet after the change. In no time, you and Leroy will be riding the elevator to the 27th floor with a beautiful view of Philadelphia and he is confident that your collaborative effort will be well received.

  • What interventions would you recommend to address the challenges at Red Carpet?
  • How will you implement the interventions in the organization?
  • How will you evaluate the success of the change process at Red Carpet?
  • What would you recommend Red Carpet do next after the change process is completed?

Tutor Answer

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OD Action Research Model

❑ OD Action research

model is useful in the
facilitation of planned
organizational change.
❑ Steps
1. Problem Identification
2. Engaging change
3. Step Data collection

OD Action Research Model
❑ Steps

4Joint diagnosis
5 Issuing feedback to the
6 Identification problems
7 Joint an action planning
8 Implementation
9 Evaluation of the change

Appreciative Inquiry
❖ This model focuses on the

identification of things that are
working well, investigating why
they are working well and how to
make it work better.

❖ Steps
❖ Definition
❖ Imagine
❖ Design

❖ Discovery
❖ Deliver

Kotter's Eight-Step Model
❑ Steps

❖Creating Urgency
❖Strategy formulation
❖Informing stakeholders of

the change strategy
❖Eliminating barriers
❖Setting short term targets
❖Evaluating progress
❖Making change a culture
of the oragnization

Kotter's Eight-Step Model
❑ Advantages

❖ It is simple and easy to follow
❖ It emphasizes on collaboration

and involvement of employees
throughout the change process
for overall success
❑ Advantages
❖ It is a step by step model, and
if a single is left then problems
may arise
❖ It consumes a lot of time to

Appelbaum, S. H., Habashy, S., Malo, J. L., & Shafiq, H.
(2012). Back to the future: revisiting Kotter's 1996
change model. Journal of Management
Development, 31(8), 764-782.
Sein, M. K., Henfridsson, O., Purao, S., Rossi, M., &
Lindgren, R. (2011). Action design research. MIS
Quarterly, 37-56.
Watkins, J. M., Mohr, B. J., & Kelly, R.
(2014). Appreciative Inquiry: Change at the speed of
imagination (Vol. 35). John Wiley & Sons.

Part Five: Intervention plan

The interventions to address the challenges
at Red Carpet
❖ The company needs to streamline

its functions so that it can operate
❖ The company should improve the
efficiency of its operations.
❖ cross-training intervention
❖ Marketing Intervention
❖ To remain relevant in the current

business environment which is
increasingly becoming
competitive, Red Carpet must
boost its operational efficiency.
❖ The company should do a
marketing intervention
❖ It needs organizational


How I will implement the interventions in the
❖ Cross Training

The company should I identify
the skills that employees
needs to carry out their roles
in the new department and
organize for training
❖ Marketing Intervention

The company should then
apply unique marketing
techniques to get more
customers which in turn lead
to an increase in revenue.

How to evaluate the success of the change process at
Red Carpet
❑ Increasing operational

❖ The company can improve its
operational efficiency by
doing organizational
❖ The restructuring will enable
Red carpet to improve
efficiency and implements
strategic and governance
change efficiently
❑ Evaluating the success
❖ Measuring individual...

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