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using the format from the wellness center where you have to create your own business.

using the format from the wellness center where you have to create your own business.

using the format from the wellness center where you have to create your own business.

using the format from the wellness center where you have to create your own business.

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Creating a Template and Quarterly Reports Purpose: To demonstrate the ability to create and save a template and to create a multiple-sheet workbook with 3-D totals. Problem: You have been performing some volunteer work for a not-forprofit organization called the Council on American Wellness. The council specializes as a clearinghouse that provides information and services to corporations of all sizes on healthy living and well workplace environments. The council’s income is derived from seminars, contests, fund-raising luncheons, and corporate sponsorships. The board of director wishes to see the income generated each quarter by the various activities and to have this data available on the World Wide Web. You have agreed to create a spreadsheet that will set up the data entry for the four quarters. Instructions: Perform the following tasks: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Create the template shown in Figure E6A – 1. Bold all the cells. Change the font in the template title to Comic Sans MS (or a similar font) 16 point. Place a dark red border around the first row title along with a black border around the column headings and the total rows. Place a black border down the left and right sides of the spreadsheet from rows 3 through 11. Italicize the column headings in row 2. Format cells C3 through F11 as comma style with two decimal places. Format the Total row as currency with a floating dollar sign and two decimal places. Enter the data for the 1st Quarter as shown in Figure E6A – 1. Use the sum function to determine the totals in columns C through F. Use the sum function to determine the totals for rows 3 through 11. Create the 3-D pie chart that shows the percentage of each contribution for the quarter. Use the chart ranges A3:A11 and F3:F11. Rename Sheet 1, 1st Quarter. Save the template using the file name, Yourname - Excel Chapter 6 – Lab Test A Template, where Yourname is your own last name. Page 1 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Make sure the Save as File Type box is set to Template. Close the template. Open the template, insert Sheet 4, and copy the template to Sheet 2, Sheet 3, and Sheet 4. Save the workbook using the filename, Yourname - Excel Chapter 6 – Lab Test A. Rename Sheet 2 to 2nd Quarter, Sheet 3 to 3rd Quarter, and Sheet 4 to 4th Quarter. Delete the data in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters. Insert the data for the 2nd Quarter sheet using the data in Table E6A – 1. Insert the data for the 3rd Quarter sheet using the data in Table E6A – 2. Insert the data for the 4th Quarter sheet using the data in Table E6A – 3. Make sure the chart range on each sheet refers to the data on the same sheet. Save the workbook. Select all four sheets. Change the header to include your name and the sheet name. Change the footer to include the page number and total number of pages. Print the workbook. Insert a fifth sheet at the end of the workbook and name it Totals. Use the Fifth sheet to sum the data from all four quarters as shown in Figure E6A – 2. Print the Totals Sheet and save the workbook. Save the First Quarter Sheet as a PDF. Make sure to click the Options button in the PDF dialog box and then select entire workbook. Publish it as Lab Test A - Excel Chapter 6.pdf. With both Excel files open, save the workspace as Lab Test A Workspace.xlw. Page 2 Activity Apr Seminar - HMO or PPO Insurance? 8-Apr Contest - Easter Egg Hunt 19Apr Seminar - Fit or Fat with Covert Bailey May Jun 660.00 445.00 13Jun 830.00 Seminar - Diabetes Awareness 9-May 390.00 Seminar - Hypertension Contest - Softball Tourney 30Apr 680.00 17May Corp. Sponsorship - Midwest Elect. 2-Jun Corp. Sponsorship - Midwest Gas 5-May 770.00 250.00 200.00 Table E6A – 1 Activity Jul Contest - Independence Day Bowl 5-Jul Luncheon - Fund-raiser 21-Jul Aug Sep 710.00 495.00 Corp. Sponsorship - Wayne Co. 15-Jul 270.00 Seminar - Handling the Heat 8-Aug 440.00 Contest – Swimming Contest - Labor Day Tourney 23Aug 506.00 1-Sep 820.00 Corp. Sponsorship – Southeast 15Steel Sep 300.00 Corp. Sponsorship – Southeast 30Glass Sep 250.00 Seminar - Heart Healthy Meals 24Sep 585.00 Table E6A – 2 Page 3 Activity Corp. Sponsorship Oct Nov Dec 1-Oct 100.00 Seminar - Weight Loss Exercises 6-Oct Contest - Fall Dance 11Oct Luncheon - Fund-raiser 345.00 730.00 10Nov 290.00 Seminar - Heart Healthy Meals 14Nov 580.00 Contest - Bowl for Turkeys 22Nov 670.00 Contest - Bowl for Christmas Ham 13Dec 621.00 Contest – Christmas Party 22Dec 761.00 Table E6A – 3 Page 4 Figure E6A – 1 Page 5 Figure E6A – 2 Page 6 ...
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Florida Charity Centre




Peer to peer fundraising
Charity Auctions
Seminar- Crowdfunding
Contest- Golf tournamnet
Charity Wa...

UT Austin

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