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A Project Management Plan has many components. Some aspects of the plan are introduced in future courses in the Project Management Certificate program. For the purpose of this assignment, include only the elements of the Project Management Plan discussed in this course and the preceding course in the Project Management Certificate program.

Create a Project Management Plan in which you include the following:

  • The WBS created (from Week 2)
  • The activities defined (from Week 2)
  • The sequenced activity chart or diagram (from Week 2)
  • A human resource plan (from Week 3)
  • A Communication Management Plan (from Week 4)

Develop a 700- to 1,050-word Risk Management Plan in which you include the following:

  • Potential risks for the project and for the portfolio to which the project belongs
  • Likelihood and impact analysis of the identified risks
  • A plan for managing responses to portfolio and project risks

Write a 350- to 525-word Project Control Plan in which you briefly discuss control mechanisms for this project.

Create a 175- to 350-word introduction and executive summary for the plan, and place them at the beginning of your completed Project Management Plan.

Format your project plan consistent with APA guidelines.

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Scenario 2: Training on a New Process Define activities for a project based on the scenario you choose Include the following; • Identify the scope of the project This project seeks to train its employees on the new policies and procedures for releasing patient private information as required by HIPAA. The hospital has 6 positions of staff and each of the position requires a different number of training hours. Each position requires a different number of training hours as follows, Administrative assistant requires 2 hours, Records specialist requires 3 hours, Office managers require 5 hours, Nurses and doctors require 1 hour each and the transcriptionist requires 1 and half hours. The medical association has three different offices, all located in the same metropolitan area within a 30 mile radius. • Define the needs of the stakeholders This project seeks to train all the staff in its three different offices, according to the hours required by each position about the changes in the policies and procedures for releasing patient private information as required by HIPAA. • Create a WBS for the project Training for HIPAA Training for HIPAA New Policies Policies Trainers Prepare training materials Scheduling training for all staff Prepare training location in the 3 offices • Administrative assistants Attend training Records Specialists Attend the training Transcriptionists Attend the training Office Managers Schedule training in the 3 offices Attend the training Nurses and Doctors Attend the training Do the actual Training List necessary tools and techniques -Each of the training personnel needs to provide their availability to train -All the trainers should make a list of the materials they need to conduct the training for the different positions to ensure that all the three offices have the required materials for training. -The administrative assistants in the three offices should provide a list of all the staff and their availability for the training. • List the activities, activity attributes and milestones for the project - Come up with a schedule for training all the positions in the three offices - Come up with a deadline for the completion of the training - Come up with a schedule for the trainers - Confirm attendance of all the trainers - Ensure all the resources that might be needed for the training are available Milestones -Prepare a training schedule -Confirm attendance of the trainers -Ensure availability of training resources -Complete the training • Sequence the activities in a chart or diagram Prepare a schedule of availability for all the 6 positions in all offices Prepare a schedule of availability for the trainers Compare the two lists to determine the suitable time for training for all the staff Prepare a training schedule for all the positions Create a schedule for training in all the three offices Send all the schedules to the three offices and consult with all personnel Send a copy of the schedule to the trainers Ensure confirmation of attendance of the trainers Ensure availability of all resources that may be needed for the training in all the three locations each time before a training starts Complete the training Presentation for Performance, Compensation, and Rewards CPMGT/301 October 7th 2018 Performance Measurement Practices • Performance measurement practices are practices which lead to the process of analyzing the collected and data and reporting it as information in regard to how group or individuals are doing in terms of performance. • The practices involve studying various processes in an organization in order to confirm whether the output is in line with the intended results. • The practices help an organization to come up with a good strategy that leads to high improvement within a short period of time and with minimal resources. Performance measurement practices Comparison • Ranking Approach • • Target Approach • • In this approach, numbers are used to compare performance in different areas. A target or goal is usually set and numbers can be used to determine if the lowest threshold of performance has been met. A good example setting the hours an employee should work let say 8 hours a day. If the employee works for 8 hours or more the employee has met the target and can be considered to have worked as expected (Cooper, 2017). Intelligent Approach • The approach uses numbers for background information during management intervention and policy development. Its aim is to focus on user e instead of setting goals or rankings or targets. Appropriate financial compensation and rewards • It is always a good strategy to provide compensation rewards to your employees to keep them motivated. These rewards usually act as incentives. • This mostly done by organizations to their employees when they meet certain targets or goals. • In this scenario, we are going to provide the employees with bonus incentives depending on their performance and attendance to the training (Aslam et al., 2015). Why financial compensation and rewards? • The bonus incentives fit in this scenario because of the following: • The compensation will be a motivational factor to the trainers and trainees. In addition, the rewards are meaningful and significant to the employees. • In this scenario, the compensation is directly proportional to the final results of the training program. • The compensation and reward attract the right people, in this case, the trainees. What is the Human Resource Plan? • The human resource plan is a documentation tool that enables the continuous process of human resource planning in a systematic way (Bratton & Gold, 2017). • Keep in mind that human resources are the most valuable assets in an organization. Human Resource Plan Outline • The human resource plan will be outlined as follows: ❖ Plan Introduction ❖ Roles and Responsibilities ❖ Project Organizational Charts ❖ Staffing Management Human Resource Plan Outline Contd • Plan Introduction • General description of the importance and purpose of the plan will be provided in this section. • For example in the scenario, The aim of the plan is to make sure that necessary personnel is available to train employees on new procedures and procedures when releasing patients private information according to the HIPAA. Roles and Responsibilities • Stakeholders and team members’ roles and contribution to the entire project are defined in this section. • It is important to provide the following details of every individual: ❖ Authority ❖ Responsibility ❖ Role ❖ Competency or skills Project Organizational Charts • Graphical representation of various aspects of the project will be presented at this level. • Project tasks and team members are responsibilities of team members are shown through the utilization of tools such as responsibility assignment matrix or RACI table. • Other necessary graphics are also included. Staffing Management • In this section, information is provided on when and how human resources will be required in the organization. • There is also a timeline for when the resource will be required as well as the skills needed. • In the scenario, it is important because those who are going to train employees need to available within specified time and have necessary skills. • This section contains the following main areas: ❖ Staff acquisition ❖ Resource calendar ❖ Training ❖ Performance measurement or review ❖ Rewards and recognition HUMAN RESOURCE DISCUSSION 1 Human Resources Discussion Daniel Speer CPMGT/301 Laura Lewis October 8, 2018 HUMAN RESOURCE DISCUSSION 2 The strategic goals of an organization for a project include finishing the project within the stipulated time and assigned budget and at the same time achieving the goals of the project. Such goals might include achieving the set product out as well as specification. The project manager has a duty of utilizing the available workforce within the control of the human resource plans to fulfill the objectives of the project as well as the organization. There are benefits that come with aligning the human resource plans in a project to the specific objectives of the company. For instance, the success rates of the project are likely to increase. Alignment of the human resource plans in the project to the specific objectives of the company would be achieved through the preparation of a “man-loading plan” through the use of the information from the human resource plan (Kaiser et al, 2015). This plan would be used by the project manager as the working template as he or she monitors the execution of the project. Through the plan, it becomes easier to constantly monitor the progress of the project. In case of any problem with the project execution process, corrective action can be taken at the earlier stages such that upon the completion of the project, all the objectives of the project and organization are achieved. The alignment would also be achieved by monitoring the budget of the project. This would be achieved through the use of the cost data that is available. By analyzing the money that has already been spent on the project versus the money that is left to complete the project as well as the duration of the project, it will be easier to determine whether the project is over the budget or under the budget (Kerzner, 2017). With that, it will be possible to align the plans in the project portfolio to the strategic objectives of the organizations by applying corrective measures where necessary. HUMAN RESOURCE DISCUSSION 3 References Kaiser, M. G., El Arbi, F., & Ahlemann, F. (2015). Successful project portfolio management beyond project selection techniques: Understanding the role of structural alignment. International Journal of Project Management, 33(1), 126-139. Kerzner, H., & Kerzner, H. R. (2017). Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley & Sons. Running Head: COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT PLAN Communication Management Plan Project CPMGT/301 October 15, 2018 1 COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT PLAN 2 Communication management plan project Scenario 2: Training on a New Process Introduction Communication management plans mainly the written document which typically details, outlines as well as highlights the communications expectations along with requirements for the whole project. It may involve particular communication techniques or methods which are needed along with specific update formats. Also, it may include particular parties or party mentions that are responsible for all communication formats. Below is a communication management plan which identifies the stakeholders, their influence toward the project along with their effective communication methods/techniques (Kerzner, & Kerzner, 2017). Communication management plan project table: Stakeholders Responsibility Notes Administrative assistant Communication Frequency methods Staff engagement 2 hours daily forum Project manager Records specialist Allied healthcare staff meetings Project officer Record coordination and maintenance of the office for the staff. Uses Microsoft office for document creation and modification. Create, manage and maintain records associated with academics in the areas of curriculum records, course descriptions, schedules, and transcripts. 3 hours daily COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT PLAN 3 Office managers Managers’ meetings Email to managers (for managers not present at meetings) 5 hours daily Project officer Nurses Allied healthcare staff meetings 1 hour daily Project management Doctors Article in allied healthcare newsletter 1 hour daily Project officer Transcriptionist Face to face or direct communication by project champions 1 hours 30 minutes daily Project officer Prepare communication materials such as letters. Tasked with the responsibilities of responding to inquiries and complains. Organizes company transportation, company events, and accommodation. Registered nurses help to take care of the patients by doing common duties such as records management, medical administration and condition monitoring for the patients. Take part in patient consultations and examinations, carrying out procedures such as surgery, medical administration, and monitoring, plan and asses the patient's treatment requirements. Associated with carrying out functions as dictated by professional COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT PLAN 4 health care officers. Also, required to interpret the dictations into results, reports and referral letters as per the need. Effectiveness of the indentified communication method Based on this project plan, identified communication methods are the most active, for instance; Staff engagement forum; it offers advice along with feedback regarding the healthcare sector about developing staff engagement as well as the implementation of association-wide policies and initiative. Additionally, it promotes staff engagement all through the health region to form a beneficial working atmosphere for service user along with the staff (Doorley, & Garcia, 2015). It leads to workers satisfactions due to the feeling that the workers are valued. Allied health staff meetings; in this case, this method of communication mostly brings the most leading health authorities jointly as well as identifies new research priorities. However, in every project, meetings are an essential sector and the ability to run a successful meeting is a typically important sector. Manager's meetings in most cases create or bring together fundamental ideas concerning how to run the project and make it useful at the end. On the other side Article in allied health, the newsletter offers information as well as ideas to those people who were not available in a meeting. Conversely, Face to face or direct communication by project champions in most cases boost efficiency, boost creativity as well as COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT PLAN 5 solve a multitude of challenges at a go. Additionally, it is an effective method of communication to those who thrash about with written or printed communication (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2017). COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT PLAN REFERENCE Kerzner, H., & Kerzner, H. R. (2017). Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley & Sons. Anthopoulos, L., Reddick, C. G., Giannakidou, I., & Mavridis, N. (2016). Why e-government projects fail? An analysis of the Healthcare. gov website. Government Information Quarterly, 33(1), 161-173. Doorley, J., & Garcia, H. F. (2015). Reputation management: The key to successful public relations and corporate communication. Routledge. Wager, K. A., Lee, F. W., & Glaser, J. P. (2017). Health care information systems: a practical approach for health care management. John Wiley & Sons. 6 ...
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