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Please follow the instructions and write a paper. Notice, this paper is a work for two people, so please write it in the voice of two people.

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Motivation Paper Classic economic theory, based as it is on an inadequate theory of human motivation, could be revolutionized by accepting the reality of higher human needs, including the impulse to self actualization and the love for the highest values. Abraham Maslow Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/motivation Purpose • To reflect upon an experience and develop a deeper understanding of motivation • Doing so should facilitate your understanding of things that contribute or hinder motivation in yourself and others • As it is done in pairs, it will also develop your ability to interview and interpret the stories of others • You will need to choose at least one experience in your life where motivation was a factor, though you may also contrast a positive and negative experience • The paper can focus on one, or contrast multiple experiences Learning Outcome #1 Motivation Defined • A set of energetic forces that originate within and outside an employee that initiates workrelated effort and determines its direction, intensity, and persistence ๏What do you do? ๏How hard do you do it? ๏How long do you do it? Approaches to understanding motivation • Needs Theories: m otiva tion a s a function of individua l differences in needs • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory • Motivation-Hygiene Theory • McClelland’s Theory of Needs • Process Theories: m otiva tion a s a function of different ways tha t work is desig ned • Expectancy Theory • Equity Theory • Goal Setting Theory Deliverable • ~ 10-15 page paper in APA style • Appendices that include the questions you asked your partner on the experience they chose and a summary of their answers • This provides the rough cut and research for your paper • You do not have to use both experiences in your paper, you can focus on one, compare a positive and a negative experience • It should incorporate some form of a needs theory and some form of a process theory Potential questions • Tell me about an experience where you were highly motivated • Why was it motivating • Were there particular things that enhanced your motivation? • Were there particular things that decreased your motivation? • Were there changes that impacted your motivation? • Did the experience fulfil any needs? • Did rewards play a role? • Did equity play a role? Potential questions • Tell me about an experience where you were highly motivated • Did rewards play a role? (What was the role of rewards?) • Why was it motivating • Did equity play a role? (what was the role of equity) • Were there particular things that enhanced your motivation? • Were there particular things that decreased your motivation? • Were there changes that impacted your motivation? • Did the experience fulfil any needs? • Can you explain the things that made you work hard? Criteria Genera l impression Org a niz ed (hea ding s etc.) Introduction Content covered U se of ta bles/g ra phs A ppropria te a ppendices/references Resea rch (a dditiona l m a teria l) E ffective sum m a ry Writing Genera l P urpose sta ted S ta tem ents supported (i.e. exa m ple g iven) Cla rity of writing Integ ra tion of releva nt course m a teria l Gra m m a r Cited a nd referenced (A P A ) Description Ca se/ event Context Issue: Ana lysis Needs P rocess N/ A P oor S a tisfa ctory Good V ery Good E xcellent Evaluation Form ...
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Motivation Experience Reflection




Motivation is essential in providing a greater focus on a given concept. The need to create
a profoundly transformed understanding of important factors that define individual development
is crucial in shaping personal and professional development. Motivation can occur under different
situations based on the underlying need. There are situations when we are faced with significant
challenges where we are unable to fully understand the best way to overcome a given issue thus
we tend to give up and stop pursuing a given concept regardless of its influence on our
development. We tend to find motivation from different areas depending on our personality. This
paper will provide a critical evaluation of experience in our lives that helped understand the role
of motivation in achieving more significant outcomes.
Different experiences teach us different elements because they are developed differently
which is essential to consider. I understand that it is necessary to assess the underlying objectives
which define a strong emphasis on critical measures that help explain the better change. It is
essential to ensure that there is better development on key outcomes which define a stronger
individual growth. Motivation focuses on personal mental strength. Thus, individuals are likely
to react differently to the same situation which helps identify specific changes that define positive
development. We evaluated the different experiences that each one of us has had that had a more
significant effect on motivation. Even though both of us had a powerful influence on personal
development (Jazaieri et al., 2014).



The experience reflection
I have worked as a team for a more extended period which has enabled us to develop a
strong connection and ability to discuss different projects with much ease. However, there are
situations when we feel that we are unable to accomplish the intended goals because of the
difficulty. During the last academic session, we had a project which focused on understanding the
relationship between leaders and employees across different institutions and write a report on the
findings by outlining important key leadership strategies and employee behavior that is having a
positive influence on organizational performance. The task seemed, and we thought that it would
be straightforward to collect the information and write a perfect report detailing all of our
I started first because I was very eager to understand these factors that are shaping
employee commitment as well as the underlying interaction within the workplace between
employees and employers. The motivation that I had was intrinsic considering that I had my own
goals which formed a crucial part of my personal development. Leaders within organizational
context establish specific measures which provide a greater understanding on better concepts
which are essential in improving corporate engagement. Different leaders’ employee different
management strategies to be successful. Thus, my intention, in this case, was to understand these
underlying elements which define a strong understanding of better developmental concepts. I was
able to distinguish different aspects which provided a clear understanding of key features that I
sought to investigate (Chen et al., 2015).
I was able to identify that making mistakes while growing at the workplace is a common
experience especially when you are learning. Climbing the corporate ladder involves making
mistakes and learning from them. My professional dream remains my motivation to work harder



across different organizational functions. A leader must understand the needs of the followers.
Achieving these needs can only be based on sufficient understanding of what they go through in
meeting their organizational responsibilities. My passion for meeting new people has been integral
in my current development and has created a profoundly transformed focus on my future goals
(Collie et al., 2016).
Being flexible and having a strong personality are essential concepts that are defined based
on a greater focus on my interactions with individua...

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