Research Paper: Theory and Hypotheses

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Topic: Recidivism Rates - Please see attached research topic document.

In this assignment,explicitly state your research hypotheses ( 3 ) driven by focused theories.

Your assignment should include and specify:

- (a) independent variables

- (b) dependent variables

- (c) 3 working hypotheses following the below template:

"In a comparison of [unit of analysis], those having [one value on the independent variable] will be

more likely to have [one value on the dependent variable] than will those having [a different value

on the independent variable]" (Ex: might be: In a comparison of inmates, those having access to specialized rehabilitation programs while incarcerated, will be more likely to have job opportunities (or be a successful citizen in society or to their community etc) when released than will those having none.)

- (d) Needs to include 5 PEER REVIEWED journal articles for support to the above (ideally involving multiple regression model)

- (e) Please state major findings from previous research regarding your stated hypotheses.

*Need to ensure what is chosen has quantifiable data*

Format: 3 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font and one inch margins.

I attached a couple suggested documents that were provided to assist as well as the below program. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Research Hypotheses and citation software program

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