Personal Reflective Essay (1500 Words)

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You are required to submit a personal reflective essay, which explores your experiences and observations of group work and you as a team player. When writing your essay, include the following:

· Did your experience of working in a team align with your assessment of team working in your skills audit?

· What did you learn about yourself whilst working as part of a team?

· What areas can you identify that were positive?

· What areas can you identify that could be improved upon?

· What will you take forward into your next group activity?

· Have you /will you amended your personal development plan as a result of your experiences of team work?

Evidence to support your reflections:

Personal Development Plan (all sections)

Feedback from tutors, group members

This assessment relay on choosing specific event which was practice in class and how it reflects my personal life style.

The event was, dividing in to two groups, the doctor offered to give away $100,000 to one of the groups who convince her and the competitive group why they deserve it in that specific project (my group choose to open a charity club that support cancer and HIV patients, while other group choose to support asthma patients)

Scenario of discussion:

(GROUP A) :We tried to convince the Doctor to open Charity Club to support cancer and HIV patients, as the number of patients are increasing every year

(GROUP B) Tried to express their opinion by emphasizing the role of government specialized hospitals to support cancer and HIV. Asthma patients are more important because there isn't any cure of it.

(GROUP A) I said: government specialized hospitals wont help the fact that lots of people have low awareness with regards to cancer and HIV, such charity clubs will help increase their awarenesses and will guide them to approach the proper step forward.

The expenses will include the charity club preparation to host a proper medical volunteering team+ equipment's. After succeeding with this project we will request the government to support us and company to sponsor us to help a big number of people.

- 0% Plagiarism

- Harvard Style References

- Minimum of 12 references

- I'll be attaching an examples of pervious students assessment only to guide you without copying anything to prevent expulsion from university.

- Gibbs Method MUST be taken in consideration while drafting the reflection assessment. (Gibbs method explanation will be attached)

- I'll be attaching tasks made by me in the class (Once the Essay is assigned to Tutor)

- 1450 to 1600 Words

Personal Reflective Essay (1500 Words)
Personal Reflective Essay (1500 Words)

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Use Gibbs’ model to analyse the reflective account Evidence Description In this section, you need to explain what you are reflecting on to your reader. Perhaps include background information, such as what it is you’re reflecting on and tell the reader who was involved. It’s important to remember to keep the information provided relevant and to-the-point. Don’t waffle on about details that aren’t required – if you do this, you’re just using up valuable words that you’ll get minimal marks for. Evidence of Feelings Discuss your feelings and thoughts about the experience. Consider questions such as: How did you feel at the time? What did you think at the time? What did you think about the incident afterwards? You can discuss your emotions honestly, but make sure to remember at all times that this is an academic piece of writing, so avoid ‘chatty’ text. Evidence of EvaluationFor your evaluation, discuss how well you think things went. Perhaps think about: How did you react to the situation, and how did other people react? What was good and what was bad about the experience? If you are writing about a difficult incident, did you feel that the situation was resolved afterwards? Why/why not? This section is a good place to include evidence (appendices)– Evidence of AnalysisIn your analysis, consider what might have helped or hindered the event. You also have the opportunity here to compare your experience with evidence. This section is very important, particularly for higherlevel writing. Many students receive poor marks for reflective assignments for not integrating your appendices. Remember it is important to include citations to your appendices in your reflective writing. Evidence of ConclusionIn your conclusion, it is important to acknowledge whether you could have done anything else; what you have learned from the experience; consider whether you could you have responded in a different way. If you are talking about a positive experience…discuss whether you would do the same again to ensure a positive outcome. Also, consider if there is anything you could change to improve things even further. If the incident was negative…tell your reader how you could have avoided it happening and how you could make sure it doesn’t happen again. Evidence of an Action PlanAction plans sum up anything you need to know and do to improve for next time. Be specific. Perhaps you feel that you need to learn about something or attend some training. What can you do which means you will be better equipped to cope with a similar event? INTRODUCTION Working in groups or teamwork has become a key task that is essential to solve and overcome problems whether it be on a personal level or at the workplace. Teamwork has time and again been highlighted as one of the levels for success of any group endeavor and therefore the ability to work effectively in a group is highly necessary and essential at all levels (Belbin, 2012). At the same time, making sense of reflecting upon any incident or past experience is also a necessary capability that is required for professionals if they are to successfully develop the skills that enhance future performance. Reflection provides the opportunity to gain insights from previous experiences through consideration of multiple perspectives from individuals as well as theory (Ryan, 2011). This essay focuses on my personal reflection of my experience with group work and my role as a team player. I am using Gibbs model for my reflection. (A) DESCRIPTION During the first week of the ‘Management in Practices’ study module, the students were given a group activity to complete in class. The task required students to form teams of three members each with the central task being a negotiation skills exercise. The central task required each of the groups to negotiate with each other to receive a substantial portion of a charitable donation. My role in the aforementioned teamwork can be described as that of a ‘team worker’, which according to Belbin’s framework includes qualities such as being cooperative, listening and building upon ideas avoiding friction and conflict (Boller, 2005). (B) FEELINGS Right at the start of the activity, I felt anxious and apprehensive, due to some of the previous negative experiences that I had during team working exercises. Additionally, I felt shy and rather conscious of myself as I began to introduce myself to my fellow team members. This behavior illustrates that I am an introvert as well as a reserved person who prefers minimal interaction with new people (Cottrell, 2015). At the time, I felt that the working would be a significantly challenging task since it is a rather challenging task to know and understand ability and capacity of all members in the group (Ryan, 2011). Nonetheless, as the initial interactions proceeded my feelings they change as most of the team members were welcoming and friendly which made me feel at ease and comfortable. At this stage, I thought that the team will exercise would be simple and easy given positive and courteous each of the members were. However, the subsequent occurrences, during the stages of executing the team task, my interactions with the team were not so positive. (C) EVALUATION At the beginning, the point that pleased me or interested me was the positive and cooperative stance that most of the group members adopted towards each other. Boller (2005) asserts that group cooperation is at the very foundation of the work success since it involves collaboration and support towards the team objective. Furthermore, during the initial phases the team members were welcoming and encouraged me to discuss and give my opinion on every aspect of the task. I felt it was highly important that members such as myself who are apprehensive teamwork are given initial welcome and support. Nonetheless, I noticed one of the team member adopting a negative and conflict-based style and approach to the task. This member kept on interrupting each of the members during the course of their discussion which resulted in the disruption of our team’s progress towards the goal. At this point, I began to feel nervous and unhappy with the entire group and team activity, but still I did not express myself or attempt to reason with the group member to avoid such conduct. Failure on my part to speak up illustrates my weakness of worrying too much about what others think or how they will react to any criticism provided by me (Cottrell, 2015). At this point, I also realized that I was afraid of retaliation from the group member and therefore chose to keep white rather than speak up. However, I did realize that such negative and contentious personality would disrupt group initiatives and activities. Belbin (2012) writes that "Team performance is influenced by the type of people in a group, and tests indicate that some combinations of personality types perform better than the others". Furthermore, the central problem or difficulty emerged at the time of execution of the teamwork task. In particular, at the time of execution and discussing with other teams, none of my team members spoke up and left the entire negotiation task to be done by me. At this point I experienced feelings and thoughts that include betrayer, irritation, frustration and so on. Importantly, after having carefully rehearsed and come up with the different points that each member would speak in favor of our team, the other members backed out and remain quiet while our group was being attacked by the other groups. Despite losing team support, I tried to speak out and negotiate with the other groups and tried to recite some of the key points and arguments that the team had initially come up with. I kept looking towards my fellow team members hoping that they would contribute to the discussion, but to no avail. These events made me lose my self-confidence and eventually I too gave up. At this point, I felt deeply hurt and pain by the entire experience given that the ultimate result of our group initiative was a failure. I felt that I certainly needed to work on skills of being assertive as well as communication. (D) ANALYSIS Having reflected upon the good and bad experiences during the teamwork task, I now feel that there is significant scope for improvement specifically me as well as in general regarding our group effort. First, I have realized that I feel nervous of expressing my views to others because I feel that they may laugh at my views or opinions. Second, I realized that I did not speak up against the member who adopted a contentious style of behavior nor did I try to convince my group were contributed during the team task execution because I was afraid of retaliation from them. Third, our team activities failed because of lack of planning, ineffective communication and lack of practice. Koprowska (2014) illustrates that robust practice is necessary for excellence in execution of team tasks, and this is where I feel we failed the most. Furthermore, the entire experience also made me realize the importance of presentation skills. Evidently, when faced with a large group of people I tend to lose focus and confidence, which probably explains why was not able to reply back to the other teams when they adopted an attacking stance. Likewise, improving my skills of being assertive would be necessary to succeed in future teamwork tasks where I may have to convince others on my point of view. Stacey (2009) highlights that being assertive helps in achieving a state of self-confidence without involving any kind of aggressiveness which would indicate that I would be able to put forward my views and experiences without having to upset any of the team or group members. (D) CONCLUSION The entire exercise and failure of my team in the group tasks taught me many invaluable lessons that I can certainly apply in the future. Primarily, I need to be assertive and make my view hard right at the outset of any team task. I should not hide my concern or any query just for the sake of pleasing other team members or maintaining the status quo. Likewise, I need to improve my presentation skills so that I am confident and calm when facing a large group. I should also improve my sense of self efficacy to the extent where I feel able to handle tasks and pressures without substantial support by team members. Moreover, I feel the need to edit and modify my action plan in order to ensure that some of the key weak points that have become evident in the other circumstance can be rectified through careful planning. Finally, what really matters the most is that the entire teamwork activity was one filled with learning and reflection. MY ACTION PLAN Action Plan Expected Impact I will practice making presentations to my family and friends at least three times a month. I will then extend making presentations to my colleagues at the workplace This will help me significantly enhance my presentation skills by working with people who I am already comfortable with and moving to individuals outside of my comfort zone, my colleagues. I will take up simple web-based courses on developing my self-confidence, assertiveness and improving communication. These web-based courses will help to highlight some of my key weaknesses in each of these areas, they would also succeed in highlighting some solutions to overcome the weaknesses. I will take up further learning in areas such as creativity and innovation by reading books, articles and journals This is expected to help me transform myself from being a simple team-worker into a creative plant was able to handle and solve difficult problems. APPENDIX 1 My Personal Development Plan Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four My picture of success APPENDIX 2 Feedback from my tutor on my performance Feedback from my group member: APPENDIX 3 My long-term goal and dream is to become a successful entrepreneur. These are some inspiring and motivational quotes said by successful entrepreneurs Word Count: 1,875.00 Personal Reflective Plan Description I was sitting in one of the coffee shops by the sea with my friends but my mind was totally busy recalling the moments of yesterday event in Master of Science in Management program when we have been involved in a very interesting experience that affected a sensitive and deep point in my self. We were in one of the class rooms in the college building when the instructor asked us to divide into three groups and then a piece of paper has been given to each group. After discovering the content of the distributed paper, we understood that we will be representing a charitable organization that is responsible to give support to blind people by using super trained dogs in order to help blind people to perform their daily activities such as reaching workplace and crossing the roads safely. Each group was representing a different charitable organization and the instructor was representing a very wealthy lady (our tutor) that decided to donate a big amount of money to charitable organization as a lump sum at the first degree, but the option to divide the amount between more than one organization was acceptable if she was convinced and equivalent importance charitable projects found. Our mission was to convince the wealthy lady to support our project by using negotiation skills. All the class members were involved in this experience since we were all competing to win the charity money for the organization. The critical event was the open negotiation discussion between the group and resolving the conflict. Feelings I was quite nervous about the whole incident because I felt the cause cannot be expressed fully in Oman context where preference of dogs is quite least. I was feeling very restless as I always want to win and felt lost and confused about the idea itself. I was forced to face the audience in the meeting and I did not had a clarity on how we are going to defend our project in front of the competitors and how we are going to convince the other team members. I was also bit upset about one of my group member being aggressive and not listening to my main points. I started confidently but felt that other groups were not listening and always interrupting which again agitated our situation. In fact when I talked to him, he told me that I am aggressive and not listening to my group. This surprised me too much. I still remember that I tried to be focused and helped my group’s point of view with my arguments and opinions. The enthusiasm reached my blood and I started focusing on the project strengths. When I think back, I feel there was lot of negative feelings and anger when the project core idea was challenged by the competitors. I am upset by my behaviour as could not understand what made me react in this way. Evaluation I tried to link events and other things on that day to understand exactly what happened and why it happened. I realized that the idea can be succeed if we focused on the positive strong points on it. The group was under pressure and I was keep supporting with the ideas to give our project a stronger stand against the challenge from the other groups. My reaction contained kind of aggressiveness and I was attacking the other group members to defend the project idea which helped me to discover a weakness in my assertiveness style (Appendix 2). On the other hand, there were some actions went negative when the negotiation was at the peak. As an example, the communication and listening skills was not applied properly and nobody was willing to listen until the end of the other group point of view. Most of the conversation was interrupted and it was very difficult to maintain one to one negotiation. Moreover, the ideas were not arrange properly in a sequence that helps to achieve the target. It has been used randomly under the pressure of the negotiation without an effective order which affected the group point of view clarity. At the end, the negotiation could be more focused if we have considered the approaching style. Analysis When I have started to think deeply on my feelings, reactions and attitude during the negotiations session a lot of links came to my mind. To begin with, the preparation period before the negotiation starts was a critical period for me because I felt that I am in middle of nowhere. I found the basic reason for this from my BELBIN team role model test (Belbin, 1981). The result of the test was in between implementer role and shaper role (Appendix 1). Both of the roles have some similarities in the characters. As an example, both of them they need to plan a workable strategy before they start any task and they need to have a practical approach in solving the issues. To link the results with the preparation period, it was normal to be confused and not comfortable since there was no planning process at all and the approach style was totally missed. Moreover, after listing down the supporting ideas we did not review and prioritize them. Not all ideas got a valid sense and some of the ideas supposed to be at the end of the negotiation or eliminated from the list and such a quick change in negotiation linked directly with weaknesses of implementer role in BELBIN model where there is inflexibility and slow response to new possibilities (Belbin, 1981). When I analyse more, I realized that all the groups were trying to get the pie, rather than even thinking about a winwin situation. I felt all the groups were focusing on convincing and getting the charity money without considering the other projects’ significance and value and effect. I think the situation will take a different scenario if we have tried to understand the other point of views instead of being defensive. That led me to think about my communication skills, how far I was persuasive? Covey(1998) stated that one should be effective speaker. It was a deep pinching thought that I may have listened to others but not comprehended well. The more I was thinking, the more I feel the urge to do something about the skills where I really need to work. This was a small exercise; I was thinking how I would have handled the situation at my workplace. Having a positive and open mind is the key. The incident shakes my selfconfidence and ideology that I can “handle anything”. Honestly the way we handled was not what I was looking for. I could attribute it more towards planning and PDP. I followed personal development plan as suggested in the Cottrell , 2010 book(Appendix 2). Conclusion From my point of view, I believe if I have taken the lead in the preparation and set the general plan and strategy will help in running the negotiation smoothly with more level of confidence and clarity. I could have acted as a moderator rather than flowing with the powerful comment or person. It will save more time and effort since to avoid putting unnecessary supporting tools in the table that will not have an impact but instead use the time and effort for the strongest points. Moreover, I could take the initiative to listen with the passion to understand and give the maximum support for the valid projects. I learnt that there is no harm if the teams share the price and worked for the common cause. Add more, the negotiation session will be more focused if I tried to convince the other groups to discuss each project and its benefits to the community separately instead of each one is hunting on each project gaps and weaknesses. Action plan In order to improve personally I have decided to amend my personal development plan (Appendix 2) especially the required improvement list. Along with the other weaknesses, I decided to give a priority to train myself in negotiation skills because I felt that this skill will affect my communication level. Based on colleague’s feedback after the session, I need to have better level of assertiveness. Moreover, I have added some int ...
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Introduction ......................................................................................................................... 3
Description .......................................................................................................................... 3
Feelings ............................................................................................................................... 4
Evaluation ........................................................................................................................... 4
Analysis............................................................................................................................... 5
Conclusion .......................................................................................................................... 6
Action Plan.......................................................................................................................... 7
References ........................................................................................................................... 8
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Teamwork and collaborative groups are increasingly becoming necessary in the
workplace, especially when working with engineering or other timed projects. The efficiency of
any team can be directly associated with the team’s success in completing projects on time and
performing work tasks. The team exercise in class, therefore, set a crucial incident to understand
personal and interpersonal skills which are paramount in the workplace. According to Levi
(2015), participating in teams allows the team members to realize their strengths and weaknesses
and also understand how to operate in a dynamic environment. Therefore, this reflection is based
on the team experience where I not only realized some crucial aspects about myself but also
understood how to operate with different personalities to achieve results. Additionally, reflection
allows one to align theory to practice and identify any gaps that may have been realized during
the practice they were involved in (Taylor, 2017). This reflec...

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