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REL102-G734-FALL18-Introduction to New Testament Literature

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Presentation of the Gospel

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..l Sprint © 81% 8:23 PM E REL102- G734- FALL18- Introduction to New Testament Literature Home / My courses / REL102-G734-FALL18 / Unit 2: The Life of Jesus and the Gospels / Presentation of the Gospels Presentation of the Gospels The four Gospels present different perspectives of Jesus as well as often tell different stories about Jesus. Create a 10-slide, or equivalent, presentation using the presentation tool of your choice, or video of no more than 10 minutes, in which you do the following: • Compare and contrast the four Gospels. For example (these are just suggestions; you can use one or more of these or create your own category or categories): own category or categories): o In what ways are the Gospels similar? o In what ways are the Gospels different? o Which events from Jesus' life do they all include? o Which events are found in one, two, or three Gospels and not the others? o How does the layout or presentation of information in the Gospels differ? • Include a cover slide and a reference slide. They do not count as part of the ten slides. • Use at least 4 different sources in addition to the Bible (the textbook can count as a source). Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.
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Hi, kindly find attached



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