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the paper need be one summary, one introduction , and three page for the content to discuss the 4 question i will post on it.

detail please see the PDF . thanks for helping . (1200 words) No plagiarism!

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Requirements for the Outsourcing Paper 1. What are the internal and external forces pressuring organizations to outsource their operations or services? 2. What are the benefits of outsourcing to the; * organization in general * management * employees * vendors and suppliers * community * other key stakeholder groups 3. What are the negative consequences of outsourcing for the; * organization in general * management * employees * vendors and suppliers * Community * other key stakeholder groups 4. What are the long term social implication of outsourcing? Consider societal, economic, political, technological, global. Structure of your Outsourcing Paper • You should assume that you will be submitting your paper to your Manager at work. • Your paper will need to look business professional. • Your paper should include an introductory page, three pages of content, and a summary page. • Submit your final paper in a report folder with a clear front cover displaying the appropriate title information. • Please feel free to include extra attachments and supportive materials and data. • The expectation is that you will use accurate grammar, punctuation, and spelling. • Cite the names of sources you reference. • Your paper is to be doubled spaced with page numbers. • Use Times New Roman 12 pt. font. • Follow APA Guidelines
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