research paper about ​Video games promoting activity and health and fitness.

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this is a research paper for physical wellness for a healthy America class

the Topic is "Video games promoting activity and health and fitness."


1. The paper must be 3 to 5 pages, double spaced, 12 pt. font, MLA. Organization of paper should include Introduction and Theme, Summary of your research, Conclusion and and References. I grade on the flow of the paper, and how easy it is for the reader to follow.

2. You must have a minimum of 4 references all of them must be .org website or .edu website or book NO .com websites

3. As part of your research paper. At least One Healthy People 2020 goal or objective applicable to your topic must be addressed.

5. As part of your conclusion, you must include your opinion on the effectiveness of how your topic helps the reader become aware of steps to take in order to live long, healthy lives

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Video Games Promoting Activity and Health and Fitness
In the current world, video gaming has turned out to be a common issue not only to
children but adults included and this has been contributed to with ingenuity and innovation in the
area o information technology. However, a lot of debates have been raised over the advantages
and disadvantages of these video games to both children and adults. Claims have been made that
these video games are beneficial in physical and mental development. With all the advantages
video games are disadvantageous such that parents at times try to keep their children from them.
Among the commonly known disadvantages is its addictiveness children cannot escape away
from it once they start playing. This paper will explore on the advantages of video games based
on the activeness of a person towards certain activities, health as well as the fitness of an
Video games play a significant role in enhancing individuals thinking, decision-making
and movement capabilities. As per the research carried out by Parise and Eliana (215) it is
evident that participation in video games e...

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