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Report Guidelines (50 points)

You will be reading the book “The Pact” by Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt and writing a 5-6 page report. This assignment is designed to incorporate the issues, terms, concepts and social theories presented throughout the semester.

Your paper will be built around the hierarchical learning structure of Bloom’s Taxonomy (shown here). This classifies ascending levels of thinking. Knowledgeis the foundation of learning and thinking, but it is not enough to just know the name of an issue or a concept, one must comprehendit. For example, knowing that Social Conflict theory is one of the three major social theories is incomplete without understanding that the conflict theorists are interested in issues of power, inequality, and conflict. The applicationof that theory, for example, involves identifying those issues of power, inequality, and conflict in specific situations, interactions, and social structures (you will apply all three of the major social theoriesin this section). In analyzingthe content of the book, you will discuss how the various issues that you identify and apply affected the trajectory of the lives of those involved. In your synthesis, you will bring several of the pertinent issues together and explain how they relate to one another and to the characters in the book. Compare and contrast, demonstrate cause and effect, and show correlations in your synthesis. You will end your paper with a concluding paragraph evaluatingthe overall content of the book and also include your personal opinion of what you read.

So, the body of your paper will be yourapplication, analysis, and synthesis, all demonstrating your knowledge and comprehension, while concluding with your evaluation.

The structure of your paper will be as follows:

Begin your paper by giving a brief summaryof the book and why, overall, it is relevant to sociology. The remainderof your paper will be organized according to the parameters discussed above. Be sure to give specific examples from the bookThe Pactof sociological concepts and issues (with corresponding page numbers in parentheses, bolded) utilizing the appropriate sociological terms. Boldall uses of sociological terms, concepts, and theoriesin your report. You will see how the book relates to many of the topics presented in your textbook chapters, such as Culture, Socialization, Social Interaction, Groups and Organizations, Deviance, Social Stratification, Race, Economics, Family, Religion, Education, Health and Medicine, Urbanization, and Social Change.

This is to be in essay form, so use paragraphs. Report should be word-processed in Arial 12-point font, double-spaced with 1-inch margins all around(top, bottom, right, and left), no page headers, stapled together (no folders or plastic covers), with a cover page (Project name; Your name; Course name; Fullerton College; Semester; Day class meets; My name). At the end of the report include a References Page, MLA style.

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The Pact
The pact is a non-fictional story about the lives and events that transpired in the
lives of three young men, Sampson, George and Rameck who grew up in one of the
toughest neighborhood of Newark, New Jersey. The friendship of three boys evolved
into a pact. The three boys had to fight with the social evils of crimes, hopelessness,
and drugs in their trajectory to eventually become doctors. The book highlight the
problems that kids born and raised in tough neighborhoods go through in the pursuit
of their dreams.
The three Sampson, George and Rameck had managed to build a solid social
group through which they inspired and encouraged each other in their journey to
becoming doctors. The three had to defeat and overcome obstacles of apathy,
violence, and poverty which were prevalent in their community. The book acts as an
inspiration as it gives a beacon of hope to those children born in dysfunctional
neighbors that with persistence, hard work, determination and above supportive
friendship they can eventually achieve their dreams.
The book demonstrates the strength of having friends who share a common
goal as through thick and thin the three friends were very supportive of each other.
The three eventually graduated from medical school and came back to where it all
began with the intention of inspiring and modeling the young and vulnerable kids in
their childhood community. The book puts a lot of emphasis on the power of
friendship and positive peer pressure as they were the key guiding values to the
success realized by Doctor Sampson, Doctor George, and Doctor Rameck.

The three young boys were nothing close to perfect as they made numerous
mistakes in their lives and they were victims of the bad decision also at some points
in their journeys to become doctors. But this did not deter them from pursuing their
dreams as they had promised in their friendship that they would fight all odds to
become doctors. This is important as it encourages those in the pursuit of their
dreams by making them aware that mistakes are part of the journey to success but
what we need to do is to always take a lesson or two from them.
The book exhibits a high degree of relevance to sociology as it shows how
young people can go through numerous social problems and still succeed. It also
shows the power and strength of human social relationships as friendship with the
key pillar to the success achieved by the three. The book shows how a
dysfunctional human society like the one presented in the books can impact the
lives of the inhabitants. The books emphasize the need for those born in crime
prevalent society to denounce the culture of poverty and strive for success.
The application of the symbolic interactionist perspective in the pact is quite
common ("Three Major Perspectives In Sociology"). According to Doctor Sampson,
the verbal communication with doctors when he had fractured his foot in which
spoken words were the predominant symbols planted a seed of interest in
emergency medicine in him. The socialization between the young Sampson and the
doctor at Beth Israel Hospital planted a seed of interest in emergency medicine in
the heart of young Sampson (p.12). A much later interaction between George and
Doctor Thomas creates an interest in George, of pursuing a career as a

According to the functionality perspective of sociology, each aspect of
society is interdependent, from the book the community relies on the hospital to
provide service to them when they are sick (Calhoun & Craig,2012). When Sampson
broke her foot Ruthener Davis her om took her to the hospital for medical services
(Pg. 11). The society also relies on the school to impart discipline on the children so
that they can grow to become responsible citizens in the future. Chapter two of the
pact starts at a point where Rameck is in the “Oh-man-you-in-trouble-now” chair to
face disciplinary measures(Pg.22). Rameck who had previously been transferred to
a Catholic school engages in a minor crime in the class of throwing pencils and
failing to his homework. The varying views on Rameck potential between the
principal sister and Rameck’s family present a form of organic solidarity. The sister
thinks he is slow while his family knows he is smart.
According to George, it was quite hard to fit in with your boys if your grades
were ...

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