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When i reconected my Flixter account with my ultraviolet account all of my video content was lost in my Flixter account. Now the movies that were on my Flixter were were never on my ultraviolet to begin with. So how do i get the lost movies back on my Flixter account?

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Go to uvvu.com and log in. Go to our account. Click on your main account name then linked services. Mine had flixster in there three times and 1 digital locker. I clicked remove from link on the first two flixsters and left the third one and digital locker. Then hit save and when I reloaded all my movies loaded. Some how it eventually those comes back on their own and I have to do it again. Its the only way I can ever get flixster to load new movies for me.

You will not lose any of your movies if you uncheck them all. It took me a few tries of messing around but final;y i was succesful

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