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this is a project that requires a five to ten page research paper, poster, an experiment and a power point slides. all the information will be in the attach documents

Semester project 1 Semester Project Instructions, Approval Forms, and Grading Rubric General Background: 1. There are two semester project options: Choose one only option. • Independent Research Project Poster and research paper • Volunteer Community Service 2. You will choose only one of the options for the course. Be creative, innovative, and resourceful. I encourage students to gear the project to their major study emphasis or an area of personal interest. The project or service must connect to biology. 3. Your instructor will need to approve your semester project before you begin. 4. Please complete the research proposal form or volunteer service proposal form located at the end of this document. Copy and paste your option approval form on a NEW Word document and submit the approval form on this link (icon with ruler and paper). 5. Oral Presentation Required: Both projects require an oral presentation during TCC’s Research Day. The presentation will be 5-10 minutes and will highlight your work. 6. The semester project is due on the day of the presentation. Late submittals or presentation will result in missed points. Five points per day for late submittals. OPTION 1: Independent Research. 1. This option is not a research paper about a topic (e.g., sharks or climate change). Think of a problem you want to answer (state a hypothesis) and design an experiment or series of experiments to perform over the course of the semester. 2. Semester research project is a college level “experiment” which requires the instructor approval before you begin to work on the project. Please complete the research proposal form. You may not download a lab exercise from the web to perform as your semester project. However, you may use ideas you find on the web to develop your own research project or expand on ideas. Be creative and innovative. Be sure to have your project design approved by the instructor. Please complete the research proposal form at the end of this document. 3. Useful guide: Lab Manual - Appendix IV -How to Write a Laboratory Report in your lab manual will guide you through the important components of a laboratory research project. Appendix III Using Microsoft Excel to make Tables and Graphs also contains helpful information. 4. After the instructor approves your project, read Appendix IV in your lab manual for an overview of what your poster research will need to include and the information necessary under each heading. 5. Be sure to clearly state and define your hypothesis. Be sure to identify the experimental design (materials and procedure). Identify all the variables (independent and dependent) of the research. 6. Keep a research notebook with all your observations and data. You will need to submit the notebook to the instructor. Write all the information regarding your project thoroughly in a notebook. Begin your experimental design, collect data – quantitative and qualitative. Take Semester project 2 photos of your experimental design, and results throughout the experiment to include on your research poster. Contact your instructor if you have any questions. 7. Once you complete the research, create a research poster (48” X 36”) in PPT. A template of the poster in PPT will be provided. You can fill each section of the template. You may change color or font. If you are not familiar with what is a research poster, perform a search online to view samples of biology research projects. 8. Poster information: Headings on the poster o Abstract o Introduction (background information, problem, hypothesis) o Materials and Methods (include photos of experimental design and useful diagrams) o Results 2-3 tables and 2-3 graphs o Discussion o References - Literature Search: You will need to do a literature search regarding your topic of interest. Include 10-15 professional and peer-reviewed articles. A minimum of 5 out of the 10-15 articles will need to be from a peer-reviewed journal. Create a references page in MLA format and include all your articles and resources you used. 9. Poster Grade Rubric: Refer to the Research Poster Rubric. You grade will be determined by the rubric. 10. Semester Project = 150 points. The project includes a poster, a 5-10 page research paper with notebook detailing research, and an oral presentation. See grade rubric. OPTION 2: Service Learning – Semester long project – 10 hours of volunteer service 1. Service Learning. This option will require 10 hours of community service at a non-profit organization. The service needs to relate to some aspect of biology. 2. TCC- Volunteer Match, or a visit to TCC volunteer office may be helpful in finding locations to volunteer. In the past, students have volunteered at nursing homes, school science classes, Oxley Nature Center, community gardens, food banks, Tulsa Zoo, Aquarium, Up with Trees, Special Olympics, and many other locations. The service must connect to biology. 3. Students will need to make their own arrangements to volunteer at a non-profit organization for 10-hours. 4. Your instructor will need to approve the service location and how you plan to relate the service to biology. 5. Volunteer Form: Please complete the volunteer service proposal form located at the end of this document. 6. Semester Project = 150 points. Create a PPT presentation with the following information. You will need to document your service with photos. See rubric for instructions on the PPT. Semester project 3 Semester Project Grading Rubric Information OPTION 1: Research Project Rubric = 150 points Research paper and poster information: A 5-10 page research paper is required. The headings and information required on the paper and poster include: o o o o o o o o o Abstract (10 Pts) Introduction (background information, purpose, why project is important, peer reviewed research citations) 15 pts Materials and Methods (include photos of experimental design and useful diagrams) 15 pts Results (summary of what you obtained, must include 2-3 tables with your data and 2-3 graphs to visualize data results) 40 pts Discussion (critique and analyze results, future experiments, etc.) 20 pts References - Literature Search: You will need to do a literature search regarding your topic of interest. Include 15 professional websites and peer-reviewed articles. A minimum of 5 out of the 15 articles will need to be from a peer-reviewed journal. (15 pts) Create a references page in APA format (BIOL 1114 MLA is OK) and include all your articles and resources you used. (5 pts) Research notebook documentation for the semester. Your instructor will need to see your research notebook. (5 pts) Research poster and Oral Presentation 25 pts OPTION 2: Volunteer Service Rubric= 150 points 1. Number of Hours= 10 X 5 = 50 points • • • Your instructor will need to approve the location/organization for service hours. Service must be confirmed by a supervisor’s letter of recommendation. Complete TCC Volunteer service form 2. Number of slides and information (PPT must include 28 or more slides – see information below for information required – Slide 1 -28) • You are the instructor for each topic: What should college level students know? The information should reflect college level literature search you performed. • Choose three topics connected to biology (PPT slides must include photos, data, with data tables, graphs, video links, must include in-text citations, peer-reviewed data and research= 40 points Semester project 4 3. Overall summary of experience = 5 points • Summary of experience approx. 350 words or more 4. Letter of recommendation from the supervisor= 10 points • The letter at minimum must confirm the 10 hours of service. Ideally, you will be able to use the letter as a reference for other opportunities or job application. • If less hours were performed, one point deduction per hour. • Ideally, your supervisor can address your service: Were you helpful? Dependable? Timely? Conscientious? Are you someone they would like to have continue to serve at their organization? • Other possible character traits to include: Your interactions with staff, eagerness to serve and learn, would they hire you if a position became available? • Take a photo of the letter or scan the letter to insert and include in the PPT presentation. 5. References page APA or MLA format: 12 references minimum: Two peer-reviewed references and two professional organization (.org or edu) sites for each topic= 20 points • You will need to use data, research, photos, etc. from the peer-reviewed and professional websites. 6. Oral Presentation 25 pts In order to receive credit on your semester project, you will need to present at TCC Research Day or other venue approved by the instructor. You will receive an incomplete (I) for the project until you complete the presentation. PPT Presentation Slide Information Slide 1: Title page • Your Name • Name of the Organization • Address of Organization • Supervisor (person who will be responsible for writing a letter of recommendation at the end of your volunteer service) • Telephone number of supervisor • Include a photo of the organization location, you and the supervisor, etc. You will need to personalize the service. Slide 2: Volunteer Schedule: Your schedule of the volunteer time - date and how long. You will need to confirm the hours of service by the supervisor. Slide 3: Background information: Describe the purpose and mission of the organization and any pertinent background information. Include photo(s) Slides 4 – 25: Biological Application Choose three areas or topics in biology that relate to your service. You will need to perform a literature search for each topic. For example, if you volunteer at a nursing home, some of the topics of interest Semester project 5 may be Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, depression in elderly. Think of topics of interest to you to make the connection. Do a library database search such as Ebscohost to locate full-text, peer-reviewed articles to read. Use professional, educational, or government websites. Your instructor will ask you to list the topics you plan to research on the volunteer service form. 1. References: A total of 12 or more references for the project. Each topic requires two peerreviewed references and two professional, educational or government websites to reference. Total 4 references per topic. Include all your references on the last PPT slides. 2. The teaching slides will include well-developed and illustrated summary of the peer-reviewed research, insert pertinent data (tables and graphs), illustrations, YouTube or short video, and websites. Be creative. It is your presentation to share about what you learned from the research. Include in-text citations, figure captions, etc. • • • Make connection: Peer-reviewed articles and professional organizations. In-text citations MUST be included. Articulate the volunteer visit with biological research. Personalize the PPT. Include photos, connection to biology, data, tables, graphs, found in your literature search. Be creative. College-level PPT In-text citation – Be sure to cite information. Do not copy and paste materials. Cite figures and photo images on the PPT. Slide 26: Overall experience summary. Share your overall impression of the volunteer experience in general. What the experience what you expected? Do you plan to continue your service? Include photos/videos of you at the volunteer location, with supervisor(s), or other personnel. Slide 27: Insert supervisor letter of recommendation. Slide 28: References – MLA. List all the resources you used to prepare your PPT presentation. Semester project 6 Complete One of the Approval Forms for Option 1 or Option 2 Option 1: Approval Form - Instructor Research Project Approval Form Name(s) of Student(s) who will be working on the project: Title of Project: Proposal: Turn in a ½ page -1 page proposal. Briefly describe your research topic, your hypothesis, your experimental design and, most important, why this topic interests you. Instructor Comments and Approval Option 2: Approval Form - Service Learning Semester Project Instructor Approval Form Please complete the following information. • • • • • • • Your Name _____________________________________________________________________ Name of the Organization ______________________________________________________________________________ Address of Organization ______________________________________________________________________________ Supervisor (person who will be responsible for writing a letter of recommendation at the end of your volunteer service) ______________________________________________________________________________ Telephone number of supervisor ______________________________________________________________________________ Your schedule of volunteer time (your instructor may want to visit ) ______________________________________________________________________________ Connection to Biology: Briefly describe the service learning to some aspect of biology.

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