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I need a student reply post. in the attachment there are 6 student .each with their main discussion post. you job is to read each student post and also create a reply on each student. and when doing so make sure you write each student name as you creating their replies on their discussion.

Jennifer White posted Oct 25, 2018 10:43 PM I am a vagrant scholar that wishes to remain anonymous. I am young man in his twenties. I favor no fixed place, and it is the 12 th century. I am not affiliated with the universities. I am quite fond of composing poetry and drinking lots of liquor. I have no general path in my life and choose to wander. I am very critical of the church and clergy. Many of us “scholars” influenced the western intellectual tradition. I am a member of the “Order of Vagrants” that follows in the shadow of a man named Golinas. We are also known as Goliards. My poetry is intended to be sung. I was one of Europe’s first bohemians. My poetry is cataloged as satirical poems. I particularly enjoy writing about drinking. I spend many nights sleeping in alleyways, and under bridges, and wake up not knowing sometimes where I have been. With my journal and pen I set off to find my first drink and some food. I spend my days wandering and conversing with others on the streets. I am very dissatisfied with my age and prefer to drink my life away. Jonathan Chaddic posted Oct 25, 2018 10:04 PM My name is Peter and I am a serf living in 12th century England in the manor of my lord, a strong and powerful knight. I cannot read nor write but my priest is writing my story. Before the sun even rose I was awake, out feeding my chickens and collecting their eggs which my wife prepared. Just as the sun was rising I headed to my lords field to help plant as I have done for the past few weeks. Normally I would only serve his fields three days a week but during planting and harvesting I am obligated to more. He is a fair lord and not harsh to me, I am lucky, many others I’ve heard of are not. We should have his fields planted today and tomorrow is the sabbath. After we worship we shall gather and feast in celebration, our lord and the church will put on a grand feast with food I rarely get to enjoy. We shall sing, dance, and it will be a grand day. I have even fermented a little barley for the occasion, I make the best beer in the village. The next day I will awake and begin to plant my own fields. It’s a hard life but at 35 I am happy to have made it to old age and it’s my lot in life so I make the most of it. Emmanuel Castaneda posted Oct 24, 2018 10:34 PM My fellow Nobles, I am a Knight in the 12 th century in England. Depending on the day, as a knight I have the obligation to serve the role of a fierce warrior or mounted soldier protecting the people in the land. During the time of peace, I served as a member of nobility, spending time on my estates supervising my peasants or attending to administrative responsibilities. During the time of peace, in the mornings I would wake up to have breakfast and assign tasks to the peasants working my land. After all tasks are assigned, I would put on my polished armor, grab my trusted sword, and ride on horse back to report to my lord. My lord would give us tasks for the day, weather to collect rent, protect and monitor the peasants, or practicing military strategies. I would also conduct inspections in the village three times a day. Once in the morning, again in the afternoon, and later in the evening. In between inspections, fellow Knights would gather to practice military combat. Our swords gave us a fierce desire to fight. Throughout our duties as Knights, we would all maintain the code of conduct and display a noble virtue of Chivalry. We would report to the catholic church around noon to bow our heads to the cross as a symbol of respect and a symbol of gratitude. Because of our religion, we have the courage to be knights! We plan to spread our ideology to other lands. After all tasks assigned by my lord are completed, I would head home and ensure my plot of land was tended. It is a good life being a Knight. Kathryn Drake posted Oct 25, 2018 6:13 PM WOW Fact: “The Black Death had a significant effect on society, the economy, and even politics in the Late Middle Ages” (The Middle Ages). Questions: 1.) What caused the black death? 2.) What was done about the black death? 3.) What was the impact of this plague? Answers: 1.) The plague was an illness that struck seemingly healthy people and caused them to suffer a slow and painful death. There are explanations with ties to cultural, religious, and even political roots. The most commonly known and most likely cause according to modern science and medicine is a bacteria found mainly on rats and rodents which was probably spread by fleas. The further spread of the plague was contact with diseased animals and people. (The Black Death) 2.) People experiencing symptoms related to the plague were often quarantined and things like incense were burned to ward off the evil that was assumed to be in the disease. Even belongings of those who were known to have been infected were burned. Bodies of those who were known to be infected with the disease piled up quickly because there was no cure or treatment. (The Black Death) 3.) The biggest impact of the Black Death was the decline in population. Populations in areas affected by plagues are said to have lost anywhere from 30 to 100 percent of their population to the diseases. Recurring plagues made it very difficult to repopulate the areas. (The Black Death) Reyna Vigil posted Oct 24, 2018 1:39 PM In this week's Module, the thing I found interesting was the black death. I knew a bit about the black death before, but a lot of this information is new. I didn't know that it arrived by ship to Sicily because of the diseased sailors. Usually the plague would spread from 3-6 months and then "disappear." Death would occur fast too, you could go to bed feeling fine and then never wake up the next morning. It didn't matter if you were young, old, rich, poor, male or female, the plague would attack you. Where did this type of plague originate? The first record of the plague was from Central Asia. China and India were infected by 1346. Diseased rats then carried the plague to Constantinople, Italy, and Marseilles in 1347. Did anyone survive when infected? About 2/3 of people died within days of being infected, the others died within weeks. The estimated minimum number of diseased was about 20 million in Europe. Were the diseased isolated and was it affective in those areas? Quarantine was difficult because some people could go a few days without having symptoms. Nohemi Acosta posted Oct 25, 2018 10:02 PM Gothic architecture is what caught my attention mostly because of the name. When I think of the name, gothic, I think of Goths, like wear all black lots of veils and such type of dressing. I have always wondered if it was inspired by type of style. Being Goth did not come into play until the late 1800s. The dress of many gothic women are similar to the form and style of womens dresses in the middle ages and can be covering most of the skin. However there is different types of styles but the most relating to the elizabethan goths. The time frames early lapse between gothic architecture (1200-1550) and Elizabethan era (1558-1603). Gothic culture is very "aesthetic and was inspired by the gothic style slightly." Goths can be very religious and therefore more linked to the gothic architecture that was mostly intended for cathedrals. People during that time were also "called goths because they were seen as rebels" and well today many people have had dark phases where they are goth or emo and it has only been known of for around a century so that could of very likely been a reason to get the name goth.

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