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Directions 1- Go through the play you read for your history assignments in the previous weeks. 2- Decide what your production of this play will be like. Think about how you would convey this idea through music and sound effects. 3-In one paragraph describe how you see your production of this play looking and sounding. Do you think this is the way the production was meant to sound and look ( it doesn't have to be.) 4- Decide what song you would play to introduce the play, and what song you would play when the play is over. Give me the name of the song, and the name of the artist. You can also share a link to the song on youtube, so I can listen to it. 5- Choose one scene from the play. Tell me which scene this is. 6- Make a list of what sound effects you think could enhance this scene. Some things might be necessary to continue the action, some might be your additions for atmosphere. What's in the background? Any other sounds? Plays: 1-TITLE: The Lady in White Genre: haunted Victorian Era; Victorian Story: Reginald Copperpot has been given a fortune, but in order to receive it, he must solve the mystery of the Lady in White. She has haunted his Family’s estate for several generations. He moves into the estate only to find it haunted by hundreds of ghosts. He finally discovers the lady in white to be his Great, great aunt who was not allowed to marry the man she loves. Together, they learn how to free her. Needs: Ghosts Stairs A front door A place to hide A trunk full of scary stuff Paintings of dead family Concept: Rot 1.Benjamin Copperpot: A young man. Bookish and sallow. Smart beyond his years. Mentioned: Spectacles, Dark Hair, Holes in clothes. 1.Miriam Copperpot: Benjamin’s Aunt. In her 90’s. Crazy. Mentioned: She isn’t fashionable. She’s a mess. She doesn’t wear shoes. 1.Beverly Copperpot: Benjamin’s Aunt. In her 80s. Quirky and fashionable. Smart as a whip. Mentioned: She dyes her hair. She needs glasses, but doesn’t wear them. 1.Reginald Overture: A lawyer. Prim and old fashioned. Never breaks any rules. Mentioned: He is bald. He wears a monocle. He has a cane. 1.Fallon Marzipan: Benjamin’s great Aunt. A ghost. She died young. Mentioned: She is graceful. 1.Randolph McStabberson: An eeeeevil ghost. He was a stingy, angry, business man before he was murderrrrred. Mentioned: He has a scar. It is difficult to see his face. 1.Felix Flabbersham: A butler of sorts. He helps Benjamin around the house. He is scared of everything. Mentioned: He is overweight. He wears stripes. 1.Selma Buttercup: A maid. The comic relief. Overcleans everything. Sometimes she cleans the ghosts. 2.TITLE: Puppy Love Genre: Romantic Comedy Musical Era: The 1950s Story: Brenda Dowager is a young woman on the go. She doesn’t have any time for love. Chaz Hearfort is a cad, a rascal, a real lady’s man. They meet by accident in a café. He pretends to be a small town boy. They soon find out that she has been hired into the firm where he works. He has to pretend to be two different people who look exactly the same. They fall in love for reals. Needs: An Office A café A door A picnic Places to dance dance dance Concept: Love is Everywhere 2.Brenda Dowager: A sassy young woman about town. She’s nice, but she’s no fool. Mentioned: She’s fashionable. She’s adventurous. She’s loves pink. 2.Chaz Hearfort: A young man. A cad. All the worlds a candy store and he’s been trick or treating. Handsome. Mentioned: Not a hair out of place. Stylish and polished. 2.Trevor Vandevender: Chaz’s best friend. A great sidekick. Mentioned: He dresses like chaz…but doesn’t wear it as well. 2.Clair O’dare: Brenda’s best friend. A supportive girl, but more fond of dancing than listening. She’s a groovy chick. Mentioned: she’s a beatnick. 2.Walter Melon: Head of Melon, Melon, and Melon: The law firm. He is a small man who pretends to be a big man. 2.Falla Lala: The secretary of Melon, Melon, and Melon: The Law firm. She laughs a lot. She likes cake. A lot of cake. 2.Dean McQueen: Competition to Chaz. Where chaz is sleek, Dean is sleeker. Where Chaz is suave, Dean is Suaver. 2.Monique Kissyface: Monique is an stewardess. She is Chaz’s ex girlfriend. Sassy, sexy, and smart. 3.Title: Paige Against the Machine Genre: Anti realsm Era: Could be now, could be any time or every time between the industrial era until the future. Story: Paige works as a small part of a big machine. She is a happy worker until she somehow finds out that the machine is rigged to keep the small people down and make the rich people richer. Paige gathers a crowd of people together to finally destroy the machine. Needs: A Machine A filing cabinet Crowds A courtroom Concept; Fight the power 3.Paige: A great worker. Smart and efficient. Mentioned: She wears a uniform. 3.Val: Another great worker. Mentioned: He wears a different style of uniform. 3.Cal: The Boss. Mentioned: He is larger than most people. 3.Hal: The Big Boss 3.Bill: A Politician. Not a good one. Smarmy. Always willing to kiss a baby and grease a palm. 3.Phil: A Judge. A crooked judge. 3.Will: President of the world. 3.Stanly: Paige’s Husband. Honest and sweet. He works in another machine, but he doesn’t mind all that much. 4.Title: Crying around a Kitchen Sink Genre: Modern realism Era: Modern Story: Gretchen returns home to St Paul in the middle winter. The only warm place is her mother’s kitchen. Her mother is slowly succumbing to dementia. While trying to give her mother her memories, Gretchen remembers how hard her child hood was. During the play, Gretchen makes a full thanksgiving dinner. The audience should be able to smell it cooking. Needs: A fully functioning kitchen Concept: Memories and food make a family. 4.Gretchen: Young, but not youthful. She is mostly tired. She worries mostly about everything. Mentioned: A braid. She doesn’t dress well, but she dresses warmly. She only has one pair of shoes. 4.Yolie: Gretchen’s Mother. Succumbing to dementia. Mentioned: She thought she was a kid and dyed her hair a strange color. Her socks don’t match. Sometimes she wears clothes wrong. 4.Mitchell: Gretchen’s high school boyfriend. He is basically the same person he always was. Mentioned: he still wears his high school letter jacket. 4.Walter: The memory of Gretchen’s Father. He died seven years ago. 4.Selma: The Memory of Gretchen’s sister. She was beautiful and flirty before she died. Mentioned: a sexy red dress. 4.Milly: The Memory of Yolie’s sister. She was tall and mean. She died in her forties. 4.Chet: The nurse. He visits the house once a day to check up on Yolie to clean up and check up on her. 4.Carmen: The neighbor. She’s nosy, but her heart is in the right place Mentioned: She looks like some kind of rodent. 4.Sheffield: The lawyer. An old family friend. He is here to work out power of attorney and the will. feedback Follow this link to a video about costuming. ………………………………………………….. ...
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