Research paper that is related to Threat Modeling, and specifically references STRIDE

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For this assignment, you will select a current (within the last 2 years) article or research paper to review. The article your select MUST be different from the one you reviewed for the Lesson 3 assignment. You may select any article or research paper that is related to Threat Modeling, and specifically references STRIDE. The attached rubric will provide more information on the content requirements, but here is a short list of what I want:

1) Your review should be 1/2 to 1 page, single spaced.

2) Please upload a Microsoft Word document to submit your review.

3) You should summarize the content of the article or paper and explain how it relates to STRIDE and Threat Modeling.

4) Provide your own assessment of the article. (Did it make sense? Did you learn anything from it? Do you agree or disagree with the content?)

5) Use the APA style for the paper and any references.


- Select ONE paper or article. That ONE paper or article should be the ONLY item referenced. Do NOT turn in a paper with multiple references. This isn't a reference paper contest. I want you to simply select ONE research paper or article THAT SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSES STRIDE. Then I want to see two things: read #3 AND #4 above.

- PLEASE pay attention to #5. You reference MUST be in APA format AND you MUST provide a reference indicator in your submission when you reference the paper or article. You will lose points (yes, multiple points this time) if I cannot decipher your reference. [This is an exercise to get you ready for the upcoming residency weekend.]

- ALSO, pay attention to #1. I will not read past 1 page for this assignment. (If you want to include a nice cover page, that's fine and I'll consider the first page of the body as page 1, but a cover page is not required.)

- And finally, this is an INDIVIDUAL effort. Do not submit group work as your own

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Is STRIDE Still Relevant for Threat Modeling?

The article “Is STRIDE Still Relevant for Threat Modeling?” was written by Kevin Poniatowski
on 27 July 2018. The primary aim of the author is to explain the essentiality of STRIDE as a
process of threat modeling used by the current developers. The article begins with a question of
whether STRIDE is still essential to the modern developers and Kevin answers the question into
three significant parts.
First, he starts by defining what STRIDE mean...

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