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Hello again,

thank you for doing great job on this project.

there is a 1-2 pages assignment that relate to the work that you have been doing. I want you to write by answering these questions:

»What is the driving question that your final essay will seek to answer?

»What do you anticipate being your central argument? How might you organize the essay to make this a strong argument?

»What kinds of research do you need to carry out in order to advance your analysis, establish your credibility, and make your argument?

»What is a realistic timeline for completing the research and revisions you’ve outlined?

(Be as precise as possible with regard to specific tasks and mini-deadlines you can set.)

this is the our last work:

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Surname 1
Preparing For the Final Essay
Various studies have highlighted the negative impacts associated with the use of children
in advertisements. However, children are still used because they are perceived to be significant
“vehicles” to creating emotional and rational appeals for target audiences (Lapierre et al. 152).
Traditionally, most commercials were aired between scheduled programs on a TV set. Today,
consumers can watch what they want when they want. The development of broadband has
facilitated the streaming or downloading of programs on electronic d...

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I was stuck on this subject and a friend recommended Studypool. I'm so glad I checked it out!

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