Written Reports And Oral Presentations

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You are supposed to solve the following questions taking into consideration the "VISION 2030" of Saudi Arabia.

Q1) Prepare a presentation on one of the provided topics - MS PowerPoint


  • Introduction
  • The Written Research Report
  • Research Report Components
  • Writing the Report
  • Presentation of Statistics
  • Introduction
  • Aristotle’s Three Principles of Persuasive Communication
  • Plan
  • Organize
  • Support
  • Visualize
  • Deliver
  • Practice and Arrange

Q2) What are the different components of a research report?

Q3) Write briefly about oral presentations and its parts.


Use appropriate references.

Question 2 & 3 in one word file the length for 2&3 questions should be 2 pages, and question 1 should be answers in MS powerpoint 5 pages and it is your call to choose the topic from the above given ones and you have to submit all answers in one zipped file.

Learning Resources

Book - Business Research Methods by Donald R Cooper.

Chapter 19: Presenting Insights and Findings: Written Reports, PP 502-537

Chapter 20: Presenting Insights and Findings:

Oral Presentations, PP 538-574

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RES 500 Academic Writing and Research Skills 1 WEEK 4 PRESENTING INSIGHTS AND FINDINGS: WRITTEN REPORTS & ORAL PRESENTATIONS Introduction 2 The sponsor and the researcher should agree on what types of reporting should be done during and at the end of the research project. The Written Research Report A poor final report or presentation can destroy a study. Readers influenced by quality of the reporting. It contains findings, analyses of findings, interpretations, conclusions, and sometimes recommendations. Reports may be defined by their degree of formality and design. Formal reports are delineated and relatively long format when compared to informal or short report. Short Reports 3 Appropriate when the problem is well defined, is of limited scope, and has a simple and straightforward methodology. Most informational, progress, and interim reports are of this kind. Short reports are about five pages. Purpose is to distribute information quickly in an easy-to-use format. Short Reports Cont… 4 Suggestions helpful for writing short reports Tell the reader why you are writing If the memo is in response to a request for information, remind the reader of the exact point raised, answer it, and follow with any necessary details. Write in an expository style with brevity and directness. If time permits, write report today and leave it for review tomorrow before sending it. Attach detailed materials as appendices when needed. Long Reports 5 Long reports are of two types. The Technical Report Include full documentation and detail. This includes sources of data, research procedures, sampling design, data gathering instruments, index construction, and data analysis methods. Also include a full presentation and analysis of significant data. The Management Report It allows clients to grasp the conclusions and recommendations quickly, without much reading. Encourage rapid reading and quick comprehension of major findings, and understanding of the implications and conclusions. Research Report Components 6 Prefatory Information Letter of transmittal Title page Authorization statement Executive summary Table of contents Introduction Problem statement Research objectives Background Research Report Components Cont… 7 Methodology Sampling design Research design Data collection Data analysis Limitations Research Report Components Cont… 8 Findings Conclusions Summary and conclusions Recommendations Appendices Bibliography Writing the Report 9 Prewriting Concerns The Outline The Bibliography Writing the Draft Readability Comprehensibility Tone Final Proof Presentation Considerations Presentation of Statistics 10 Text Presentation Semitabular Presentation Tabular Presentation Graphics Line Graphs Area (Stratum or Surface) Charts Pie Charts Bar Charts Pictographs and Geographs 3-D Graphics Aristotle’s Three Principles of Persuasive Communication 11 Ethos Credibility via personal character is called ethos. A strong research presentation relies on a researcher’s ability to convince his or her audience of the following: That he or she is credible. Findings are credible. Audience should act upon the findings, as well as conclusions and recommendations drawn from these findings. Pathos Pathos relies on an emotional connection between the speaker and his or her audience. Involves an appeal to an audience’s sense of identity, self-interest, and emotions. Aristotle’s Three Principles of Persuasive Communication Cont… 12 Logos Use a variation of the syllogism called an enthymeme. Logos are the core of most research presentations; used to describe facts and findings of results. Plan Audience Analysis Types of Learners Visual learners Auditory learners. Kinesthetic learners. Keep Your Audience from Checking Out Planning and the Web-Delivered Presentation Aristotle’s Three Principles of Persuasive Communication Cont… 13 Organize Traditional Patterns of Organization Topical Spatial Classification Climax order Problem/solution Chronological Past/present/future Aristotle’s Three Principles of Persuasive Communication Cont… 14 Cause/effect/solution Pros/cons/recommendation Research briefing The Motivated Sequence Organization The Narrative Organization Support Conveying Personal Experience through Stories Demonstrations Aristotle’s Three Principles of Persuasive Communication Cont… 15 Visualize Design Principles Prescriptions for Better Slides Deliver Modes of Delivery Scripts and Notes Practice and Arrange Rehearsal Is Essential Controlling Performance Anxiety Arrangements for Facilities and Equipment References 16 1. Business Research Methods by Donald R Cooper, 12th Edition.   Chapter 19 - Presenting Insights and Findings: Written Reports , PP 502-537 Chapter 20 - Presenting Insights and Findings: Oral Presentations, PP 538-574
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