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Objectives: After completing this case, you should be able to identify and develop production- and service-related tactics that can ensure the quality of foods.


  1. Read the Study Exercise ." Attachment"
  2. Answer the following question:
    1. If you were Sarah, what steps would you undertake to ensure the quality of the product is not jeopardized?

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please after your work can you give me the main idea or the summary that can I talk about the homework front of my classmate.

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Study exercise Executive Chef Sarah Bronston, soon realized that taking this new position might have seemed an exciting opportunity at the time but it seemed that the stock control of the premises she was hired to manage was so unorganized that it was certainly one of the main reasons customer numbers were failing. During her very first audit Sarah discovered that her team would order foods on an ad hoc basis without keeping any clear stock records. When deliveries arrived at the premises staff appeared too busy to count the items or even check for quality and would simply sign the delivery note without double-checking the products. She was horrified to identify a number of products in the stores that were out of date and prepared goods stored were not labelled so there was no way of knowing what was safe to use and what was not. There was no monthly stock takes and the wine was stored in cellars that would often reach 20°C. An EPOS system that was recently installed was not linked to any stocktaking system so that no stock reports seemed to exist. Sarah realized that she had a lot of work to do if this restaurant was going to keep its licence let alone attract a healthy number of customers. Consider the implications of the situation described above in terms of: Health and Safety Production Control Quality of Product. If you were Sarah what steps would you undertake to ensure the quality of the product is not jeopardized?
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