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For this assignment, you will utilize an organization. You will analyze a particular problem within the organization and write a 6–8-page paper by completing each part as noted below.

Part I: Identify the Organizational Problem (approximately 2–3 paragraphs)

Identify one example of a healthcare organizational behavior (regarding a problematic situation or event) drawing on your experiences and observations at work, in school groups, in social groups, or in the news.

Part II: Analyze the Problem (approximately 2–3 pages)

  • Explain the organizational dynamics and behavior (regarding a situation/event and the people involved and their interrelationships). It should give enough information to support your analysis and allow others to analyze the situation.
  • Describe the patterns of communication, conflict management, team functioning, and diversity issues.
  • Analyze the implementation and usage of current management strategies within your chosen healthcare organization.
  • Explain the results of the organizational behavioral problem you have observed.

Part III: Recommendation

  • Compare and contrast at least two theories and assess which theory is most effective to diagnose the problem you encountered.
  • Explain your rationale for choosing the theory to diagnose the problem.
  • Identify the basic conflicts and conflict-handling modes and apply one major negotiation model to the scenario.
  • Recommend 1–2 ways to improve the workplace problem.

Write a 6–8-page report in Word format and utilize 4–6 scholarly sources in your research. Your presentation should be written in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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Organizational Behavior
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Organizational Behavior


The success of an organization depends on diverse vital aspects such as the management
and the employees. To enhance effectiveness and the success of the organization, all significant
aspects of the organization must work together to ensure there is efficiency, improved
performance and that all the set goals of the organization are accomplished. However, there are
instances where an organization is faced by challenges or issue that arise and impede the
performance and effectiveness of the organization. The health care organization is not immune to
challenges. The health care organization is faced by challenges such experiencing a low
performance from the employees which negatively impacts on the quality of services provided to
the patients by the organization. Owing to the above-illustrated facts, this expose seeks to have a
critical analysis of organizational behavior in health care (Greenberg & Baron, 2008).

Identifying the Problem

The employees are a significant core pillar in the success of the health care organization.
Employees play a vital role in ensuring that there is continued progress and success in the health
care organization as their fate and that of the patients and the quality of services provided by the
organization is intertwined. In health care organization, happy employees equate to happy
patients and vice versa. Therefore, it is imperative to invest in the employees and address all their
needs to ensure effectiveness and provision of quality services that ensure patients’ satisfaction.
In a scenario we are going to analyze Cardinal Health Organization where there are unsatisfied



employees in the healthcare organization, the organization suffers a devastating blow that
negatively impacts on its performance and the quality of services provided to the patients.

The existence of unsatisfied employees in the health care is triggered by poor
management in the health care organization. Poor management in the health care organization
results in an organizational behavior problem. Organizational behavior encompasses the study of
human behavior in an organizational context. Organizational behavior seeks to establish the
reason behind people behaving in a certain way and the factors that impact job performance
within the organization. I regards to our scenario, the reason beh...

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