How would The Palmer Organic Drink company work in term of operations?

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In two paragraphs answer the questions on the attachment regarding the operations of a fictitious company. My fictitious company is The Palmer Organic Drink company. I have attached a description of the company as well as a copy of the specific areas to be addressed.

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1. How would your business work in term of operations (production, inventory control, distribution, customer service, research and development, etc.) 2. Discuss the implications of technology in your company's operations. Consider the areas below as you address these questions. Condense the key information in two solid paragraphs focusing on the specific information pertaining to your NAB Company. Check out the NAB Company Portfolio document, Note 2: Equipment and Inventory to see what equipment and technology you already have and use this in your response. Operations: Describe the day-to-day functions of your company. How will you run your business? Consider the following areas: 1. 2. 3. 4. Facilities Production process: how will you produce the product Inventory control- how much inventory you will have Distribution- how will you distribute the product 5. Customer service- how will you handle customers and returns 6. Research and Development- how will you improve the product and how will you continue to search for new combinations/ flavors The Palmer Organic Drink (POD) Company is named after my grandmother, Cora Palmer. She was very interested in healthy foods, which she prepared daily. She showed that interest long before "eating healthy" became a popular fad. I remember very well how she prepared most meals from scratch, using very few processed foods. Regularly, she traveled to the local farmers market to purchase the products needed for her meals. She would pickle beets and cucumbers, make her own apple sauce, and was found canning f ruits and vegetables. She prepared these items and many more in preparation for the winter months. I don't actually remember how she did this, but she made her own soda, especially a root beer soda, and her own ice cream. POD is a company that \will focus their products on healthy organic drinks of different varieties. Drink flavors will include strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and peach. While the business will begin with these flavors, other flavors will be added in the future. These organic drinks will provide both a delicious taste, as well as good nutritional value. The drinks will be produced without caffeine or any other additives that might cause unhealthy reactions in consumers. The use of natural fruits will give the drinks more of a fruity taste than many of the organic drinks currently on the market. "The Palmer Organic Drink (POD) Company is designed to provide a healthy fruit drink alternative for consumers. The company is committed to using natural products with an absence of caffeine in its contents." By providing such a product, POD hopes to acquire a leading position in the organic drink marketplace
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