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Foreign Market Entry Podcast

As you are likely aware, your internship brand doesn’t just do business in the U.S. So, in this interactivity, we’re going to research their past entry into a foreign market. But rather than writing about it, we’re going to talk about it — by creating a short podcast.

Guided Response:
  • Identify a specific country to analyze your brand's entry into
    • First identify the countries your mentor marketer does business in. Or did. Check out the corporate website. Or the latest annual report.
    • Then search your brand in business periodicals such as Forbes in conjunction with country names or terms like “foreign” or “international.” See which markets have been written about and select one.
  • Research your chosen market to answer these questions:
    • When did your mentor marketer enter this foreign market?
    • What specific challenges did entering this market present? (e.g., cultural norms, language barriers, local competition, government regulations, economic conditions, etc.). Identify at least three.
    • What changes were made to the marketing formula in entering this market? What other changes were needed? Cite at least three examples, linking each one to a marketing "p." You can repeat "Ps" more than once.
    • How successful was the entry into this market? Is the brand still in the market?
  • Identify and create proper APA citations for 3+ different sources.
    • Try to explore different types of sources (periodicals, videos, annual report, etc.). Tap the Forbes archive and other Ashford University resources as needed.
    • As you will be creating a podcast, in-line citations are not required, but you will need to document your sources.
  • Script or outline your podcast.
    • Be sure to introduce yourself and identify your mentor marketer and the relevant market before answering the questions above.
    • Introduce yourself as me Benjamin Silven
  • Record your podcast with any recording app you have.
  • Post your recordings or the podcast link and APA formatted sources to forum below.
  • Listen and react to three peer podcasts.
  • Which P do you think was the most important factor in the failure or success of the market entry they described? Why?

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Foreign Market Entry Podcast
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Foreign Market Entry Podcast
When Wendy’s brand is mentioned, all that comes in mind is the challenges it has faced
establishing a market share in the American food industry. McDonald and Burger King are the
reason as to why Wendy’s has not successfully entered the American market. As a result, company
management decided to try the brand in other countries. Taking the business international means
entering a foreign market that is...

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