How to save coding so that i can send it in a cd?

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well. my question is. my assignment to write the same program in 5 different languages. so let say my first one is c# i have to submit the hard copy and the soft copy of the source code.

the instruction on the assignment mention that You are to submit the compiler and the source code for the program. so when i asked my lecturer he just said put it in the cd and when he clicks on it it should run. 

he says that even if he doesnt have the software for the language it should run once clicked on it. is this possible? is yes. how can i save it? how do i do that? im a total noob to this.
and so far ive got the the coding in c#, java and c++.

thank you. 

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Hi this can be done by converting your code to executable file.
For eg. In C#, if it is a windows application,in the project folder you can find a folder called BIN, which will contain the .exe file of your project files. Also for executing this from CD your lecturer should need to have the .Net Framework in windows OS.
It does not need .Net software to be installed.

Also for C++,if you have developed it using .Net framework then by the above procedure you can get the .exe for that too.

But for Java the process is different, In Java we don't have .exe files.But we have files called .jar. It is executable file for java programs.
For creating jar files you can follow the process from below link.

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