i need you to write 2 pages proposal in 15 hours and u need to write the whole project in 6 days

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Propose a data analysis project , This can be almost anything that you choose. You might select a project from your major, your extracurricular interests, government or public policy, etc. Another good source of ideas is repeating an analysis that you have found online — usually you will do a simplified version of the analysis.

Your data analysis proposal must clearly state the questions you will seek to answer, the existing dataset you will analyze, and the type of Analytics you are executing.

You can think of your project as a pitch to decision makers at an organization, customers, or fans. This pitch will use data to reveal actionable insight into a problem the organization or individuals are facing.

Your proposal will probably be about 1-2 pages long, but it is acceptable for the proposal to be longer as long as it conveys the required information without irrelevant details.

Your proposal will be graded based on the quality and clarity of the writing and on whether your proposal conforms to the requirements attached. I may direct you to make changes to your proposal. For example, I may direct you to revise the scope of your proposal (It is not a good use of your time to work on a project that is too difficult or too easy).

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