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entry into modelling industry

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give me some ideas to get makeover of myself and enter into modelling industry
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TIP 1: Give Yourself Time to Grow

There are a few basic requirements like height and size that must be considered to become a successful model, but don't let that deter you if you don't quite measure up! Depending on your age, there's a good chance you're still growing, so you can develop your skills in front of the camera as a junior model.

TIP 2: Let Your Personality Shine

Having the right height and size as a model will definitely attract a booker, however also possessing a strong character, look, and personality can aid in getting you signed by an agency. Don't underestimate how important personality plays in being a top model.

TIP 3: Keep an Open Mind

The modelling industry offers more than just high-fashion editorial and runway work. You can carve out a full-time career doing beauty, fitness, and commercial work, which typically compensates more than editorial and runway.

TIP 4: Branch Out from Modelling

You may try modelling out and discover that you have talents for acting or hosting. Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks and now Naomi Campbell with her Face reality show are great examples of creative  who used their modelling experience to expand into other areas of entertainment.

TIP 5: Stay in School

You should set goals for yourself. If you get scouted in high school or college, keep school a priority. Modelling won't last forever so it's important to have a plan B.

TIP 6: Brace Yourself for Rejection

Don't take anything personally. Those who generally succeed are able to handle continuous rejection. There are a number of top models who heard plenty of no's before they developed a full thriving modelling career. Persistence and determination can go a long way in this industry.

TIP 7: Do Your Research

One of the biggest mistakes young models make today is not being prepared, which is unprofessional. Know the top modelling agencies and avoid scams from bogus bookers that ask you to pay for photos or modelling classes. If a legitimate agency is interested in you they will help you in your development as model, as well as build up a portfolio for you. Most top agencies have what we call ‘go sees' or open casting calls. When meeting a booker for the first time, don't get overly dressed up, go with a clean face with little to no makeup, and keep your outfit and hair simple. The agent wants to see the true you. Also, be on time!

TIP 8: Study Magazines

If it is your first shoot or test shoot, or you are trying to break into modelling on your own, look at magazines, fashion catalogues, and advertisements for reference points on movement and poses. That way you appear effortless and unrehearsed in front of the camera.

TIP 9: Confidence is Key

Allow yourself to open up in front of the camera. As a fashion photographer, I love to shoot a model that is secure and not self conscious. Being confident, having the ability to move freely, and giving a range of expressions is key to getting that great shot.

TIP 10: Spend Time in Front of the Mirror

Practice your expressions in front of the mirror. You might feel strange, but it will help.

TIP 11: Health First

Being a professional model means taking care of yourself, which includes a healthy diet, lifestyle, and proper sleep. Don't depend on Photoshop to "fix" you. Photographers and clients still want to see a girl who has great hair and a glowing complexion.

TIP 12: Keep a Positive Attitude

Finally, be a joy to shoot and work with. Attitude can be left at the door. Having a professional work ethic is needed to succeed. A lot of work as a model will come from repeat bookings and regular clients. Leave a shoot with everyone wanting to work with you again. In the fashion biz, it doesn't take long for word of mouth to make or break you.

Jul 7th, 2013

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