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what is the best way to get a job in singapore

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Singapore welcomes foreigners, particularly skilled workers and professionals to work in Singapore. Out of our labour force of about 2.5 million, 500,000 are foreign workers. Out of the 500,000, about 150,000 are Foreign domestic workers (or maids). The rest are semi-skilled, skilled or professionals. Our labour organisation NTUC do look after the welfare of foreign workers in addition to local ones.

Your employer will apply for the correct type of employment pass for you once you are succesful in your application.

I will suggest that you look for vacancies in our newspapers or jobs websites before coming to Singapore, instead of coming here to look for a job. You can send your application to them and if you are shortlisted, they will call you for an interview.

Go through the websites below for more info.

Good luck.

P.S. I have no idea about your qualifications, and cannot advise you on pay, but Singapore do pay well and the wages are comparable even with other developed nations. An engineer can earn S$3000-$5000/-. If you really want to come and visit, you need airfare plus about S$150-200 a day.

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