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  1. Research and discuss three individuals that have a corporate or national security controversy with: technology, computers or data exposure. These cases are typically computer espionage, blackmail, illegal releasing of classified or confidential information, intellectual property or proprietary property violations, etc.
  2. With the information you researched surrounding the three individuals: compare, contrast and evaluate various professional ethics, laws, codes of conduct and moral responsibility from an IT and organization perspective.
  3. Use the APA Template to help structure your paper. Part of your research comes from Tavani (2013, Chp.4 and Chp. 8) especially focus on the end of Chapter 4 and the majority Chapter 8, and the other required research should come from the school library or other academic sites/resources. The content within the paper, not counting the title page, abstract, and references should be a minimum of 450 words, and not more that 750. Use tables, charts graphics and other information to help tell the story and to substantiate your discussions. When listing information from others, you must cite this information. Use the feedback that I have been providing through out the course to conduct research and write your papers.

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Three Individuals That Have a Corporate or National Security Controversy with
Technology, Computers or Data Exposure
The national security controversy regarding technology, computers or data exposure
majors on the cyber-crimes and threats. The rapid technological advances have led to
frequently reported cases of national security controversies concerning the technology.
Several individuals and organizations have engaged in the act of data spying, violated data
privacy rights and related acts.
Sony CD Spyware Program
The Sony Company violated the privacy of its customers in 2005 following the antipiracy program that they established. The Company developed a spyware-program known as
XCP and added the program to its music Compact Discs with the aim of minimizing the

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