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Write an editorial about Global warming be specific about one angle what i mean about that is(( A manageable topic is a topic that isn't too broad or too narrow.)))

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Project #5: Editorial Assignment Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to develop an argument that uses rhetorical strategies and credible evidence to support your point. Now that you’ve finished your research project, try answering your research question through your now informed opinion. You may frame this project around a current event, person, or story that relates to your research question. Focus on convincing your audience to agree with your opinion through language, rhetorical appeals, personal narrative, structure, tone, etc. Audience: Consider writing for an audience of people who will be interested in your topic. Try selecting a group with a stake in the issue you want to address and writing for them. Also, think about what media platform your writing might be found in order to develop your tone, style, and structure. Conventions: 1. The project has a clear purpose appropriate to the central issue and course context. 2. The project works to address the intended audience through content, examples, and voice. 3. The project is organized coherently with a natural progression that helps to reinforce the project’s main point. 4. All research is from credible sources and integrated appropriately as evidence for your claims. 5. The project sufficiently explains the issue. 6. The project does not include errors in grammar or punctuation. 7. The project is also fromatted to standard conventions of the genre. Trouble Spots: Writing to persuade can be a very emotional process. You have worked all semester to make specific claims and back them up with evidence. While there is certainly more room for voice and style in the persuasive essay, don’t forget about the work you’ve done to become a credible researcher. THINGS YOU SHOULD CONSIDER IN YOUR EDITORIAL(IMPORTANT) Voice The term voice may be used to define a writer's stance toward his subject or readers. For example, a writer could say, "I'm using a satirical (or humorous, condescending, patronizing) voice in this editorial." Alternatively, some writers and English instructors talk about a writer's voice as a representation of the trueness of a document. An accomplished writer is said to have found his or her voice while a beginning writer is said to be searching for his or her voice. When used in this way, voice refers to the "trueness" or "honesty" or "authority" or "power" of a writer's message. Back in the 1960s, some writing instructors suggested inexperienced writers needed to find their true voice--that each of us has a specific voice that we need to find, that voice is a powerful, mystical force that helps us convey truth or the inner quality of a topic. Tone When writers and English instructors talk about tone, they are typically referring to the author's stance toward his or her readers and message. Specific documents or authors can be described as having a condescending, arrogant, pedantic, racist, confident, or satirical tone (or voice). In this way, tone is used interchangeably with voice, although tone does not refer to the "truth" of the writer's message, unlike voice. Persona The term persona refers to an author's use of a literary mask to hide his or her true opinion about a matter. For example, if you were writing about how you act while waiting in long lines, you might want to honestly inform your reader that you become a raging lunatic, that your heart rate doubles, and that you can keep calm only by doing sit-ups and push-ups. Yet if you are not proud of this type-A tendency, you might present the persona of a patient person who has mastered the ability to meditate calmly and think deeply about important issues when forced to wait in a seemingly endless line. Different readers may make different assessments regarding a particular author's voice, tone, and persona. An author may describe his tone as reasoned, thoughtful, and intelligent whereas the reader might dismiss the author's text as biased, underdeveloped, or emotional. & the rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos). Hyperlink 101 What should be hyperlinked? Consider what information your audience is looking for and help them to find it. If your audience may want to seek further information on what you have written or if you want to provide a citation, then the hyperlink gives your audience a convenient link to the relevant information and source. How do I hyperlink? ● Highlight the words you want to hyperlink. ● Click “Insert” ● Click “Link” ● Paste the web link into the designated field. ● Click “Apply” Example In 2016, nearly 40 percent of eligible voters chose not to vote. Voter disillusionment makes perfect sense but it is also incredibly selfish and shortsighted. In the past week, a biracial man was charged with sending pipe bombs to prominent Democrats. Username : hwd0002 Password : Supreme321 lets say you chose this source Go to the cite tab and copy and paste MLA format +plus the URL link for the page Thank you !!!!!! hassan 1 Hassan ------ENGL 102 --------Climate Change Undoing the Damage: Individual Knowledge and Educational Strategies Global warming is an unusual increase of the world’s temperature which has been accelerating over the past years, according to experts. In the past 16 years, NASA has recorded a record high temperature ever reached over the last one hundred years in the United States. The increasing temperature has come along with a number of effects which have led to researchers questioning whether this trend could be reduced or stopped. Global warming is just but an indicator of the bigger problem; Climate change. Apart from the temperature, climate change has also affected other elements of weather. These elements include seasons which affect the rain patterns, falling of snow and occurrence of other weather hazards such as hurricanes. Different factors have been branded as agents of climate change. However, a dominant factors in climate change is the role of human activities. Due to the adverse effects of the changing climate which has become a threat to human existence, there is a need to regulate this rate of change (Herman 11). As the major cause of climate change, people, therefore, have the ability to change this trend by avoiding the activities resulting in the climatic change. A reversal on the climatic change, therefore, requires collective efforts towards addressing the issue. Despite the fact that the United States government has done a lot to address climate change, there is a need to address this issue from a more personal perspective. These individual strategies are shared to the masses but very hassan 2 few people consider applying them. The topic of climate change should be an area of concern since it puts the future existence of humanity into an immediate danger. Despite it being an issue for many years, what is more worrying is how the trend of climate change is rapidly high, especially in the geographical area of focus in this paper; the United States. This paper, therefore, seeks to explore the issue of climate change in the United States by focusing on the causes, trend, its impact and the possible ways it can be prevented. Purpose and Audience Climate change is a crucial issue in concern to human existence. The changing climate threatens to prevent the future of human existence on planet earth. Due to the seriousness of this issue, Climate change warrants attention by almost every person on the planet. The purpose of this paper is therefore to create an understanding of climate change for all people. An understanding is necessary if the matter is to be seen serious by all people even those that are ignorant. To protect the earth, people will have to develop strategies to counter the increasing rate of climate change most notably the increasing temperature due to global warming. The solutions to a problem can be easily developed when the causes of the problem are well known. It is therefore important to understand the cause of global warming, what it has done so far through developing its effects hence noting the seriousness it comes along with and finally developing solutions to the problem. Through analyzing the different causes of Climate change it will be possible to determine the major factor hence put more weight in this factor during the mitigation development stage. The audience for this research is, therefore, the United States general population who may not understand climate change. This paper could also be vital for future research on the issue of Climate Change hence it also targets researchers as a vital audience for the paper. This hassan 3 paper is therefore important to the general scholarly world in providing background research on Climate change, especially in the United States. Stakeholders The impacts of climate change such as Global Warming have been identified as a threat towards the survival of human life in the years to come (Herman 15). Since this paper focusses on the climatic change in the United States, it, therefore, concerns various groups of people. One group of interest in this paper is meteorologists who do weather forecasting. Weather forecasting has become a next to impossible due to the climatic change. The forecasts offered by these professionals cannot be ascertained due to the changing of seasons leading to switch of rain seasons, winds blowing in unpredictable directions, unexpected hurricanes, floods, and other climatic abnormalities. BEAM Background Climate change, as earlier noted is depicted by the changing weather patterns in different parts of the United States. For instance, in 2012 United States recorded the highest temperatures ever experienced (Environmental Protection Agency). Other characteristics of climate change experience in the U.S. include droughts for instance in the south-west. One of the major causes of climatic change in the United States is the excessive release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere mostly coming motor vehicle as well as factory emissions. The building up of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere builds a blanket which allows heat to pass through to earth’s atmosphere but does not allow it back (Herman 22). The trapped heat continues to increase leading to global warming which is one of the major characteristics of climatic change. Global hassan 4 warming as one of the causes of climatic change is associated with many other climatic changes such as the melting of Ice glaciers, increased temperatures, the risk for flood occurrence and many other indicators of the climate change (Jacobson 150). Hurricanes have become a normality in different parts in the United States when they rarely occurred in the past. For instance, In Northern Carolina, it took years before hurricanes could be experienced. Recently, killer hurricanes were experienced in 2016 and later in 2018 just in an interval of two years demonstrating the changing climate over the years. Climate change has had a great impact on the lives of most Americans. For instance, Hurricanes have claimed many lives around the United States. For example, in Hurricane Matthew that occurred in North Carolina in 2016, 28 victims lost their lives (Environmental Protection Agency). Climate change has greatly affected forests such as the Sub-Arctic boreal which have retreated as a result of the high temperatures they cannot withstand. The high temperature, as well as the impact on forests, have greatly influenced the rain patterns making the United States more vulnerable to Floods and Drought by equal measure. Due to the increased absorption of Carbon dioxide by the oceans, the marine life has been put into a great danger since these waters have turned out to be more acidic than the marine animals can withstand (Jacobson 157). With this rate of climate change, marine life is therefore at a risk of extinction. Understanding the causes as well as effects of climate change in the United States makes it possible to develop mitigation strategies to address this issue. According to some of the major causes of this problem in the United States, the underlying factor is that the causes are significantly fueled by human activities (Environmental Protection Agency). People have the ability to develop consequent ways of regulating the release of greenhouse gases but regardless hassan 5 they continue releasing these gases. The American citizens can regulate the amounts of greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere by reducing the use of private vehicles but rather use public means of transport. The construction of new infrastructures must also put in to practice a climate risk analysis aimed to ensure that it is climate-friendly or does not in any way contribute to climatic change. Deforestation as another key contributor to climate change should also be avoided by Americans and embrace afforestation (Winkler et al.). All these mitigation strategies are based on the causes of Climate change in the United States. The general point is that all people should refrain from involving themselves in doing things that infringe the future of the earth’s environment which triggers climate change. Exhibits 1. The changing temperatures in the United States over years, an evidence of climatic change. The temperature has gone even 30F above normal in recent years, a trend which seems to be increasing (Environmental Protection Agency). hassan 6 2. Casualties as a result of the extreme event caused by a climatic change in the United States. Each year the United States records more casualties from extreme events an indicator of the changing climate. hassan 7 3. A graph showing how human activity has a great Impact on Climate Change. Among all other factors leading to climate change, human factors have the greatest influence (U.S Global Change Research Program). hassan 8 Argument Different scholars have offered a key analysis of Climate change. The major ideas presented by the different researchers point out in a common direction, most of which blame the United States citizens for the changing climatic conditions in the geographical area. The central idea in most of the works analyzed from most scholars is that human factors are the greatest contributors of Climatic change hence can change the increasing rate of the climatic change through taking other approaches in doing things that put the environment at risk. For instance Anderson et al. discuss the impact of greenhouse gases on the increasing rate of global warming a key indicator of climatic change (Anderson TR, et al. 180). Like many other researchers Anderson et al. point out some of the human practices leading to the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In their discussion, Anderson et al. offer a roadmap towards reducing the rate of climatic change by reducing the amounts of greenhouse gases released to the hassan 9 atmosphere impacts other components of the environment. However, in my opinion, Anderson et al. significantly focus on reducing global warming through reducing the release of greenhouse gases ending up not acknowledging other causes of accumulation of greenhouse gases such as deforestation (Anderson TR, et al. 183). Corner et al. also offer a great point of reference on the role of the major group making the biggest part of the United States population, the youth. According to Corner et al., this group can play a vital role towards reducing the rate of climate change hence securing their own future as well as for many other generations to come (Corner et al. 530). Mitigation strategies developed in the presentations highlighted involve a human response to tendencies which lead to climate change. Most of the research on climate change focus on global warming since it is the major issue connected to climate change. Climate change in different parts of the United States, and other parts of the world, has greatly manifested itself majorly in the form of global warming. For instance, Karmalkar & Bradley discuss the impact of global warming on global temperature as well as the rise and fall of precipitation (Karmalkar & Bradley). The research provides a great analysis of how global warming has had an adverse effect on human life and more worse, how the projected future could also impact people’s well-being. In conclusion, most sources on the topic generally discuss the various steps which could be taken by American citizens in addressing climate change. The rate of climate change can be addressed but only through addressing the key causes, which are significantly man-made. Method In a study addressing climate change in both China and Brazil, Barbi outlines the steps which have been taken by the governments of the two countries. The three major areas which the two countries focus on in their quest to curb climate change include the trajectory of the emission hassan 10 of greenhouse gases, Mobilization on the climate issue on political and institutional structures and response through the implementation of policies to address climate change (Barbi 361). Such an approach has enjoyed a fair share of success in these two countries. The federal government of the United States can, therefore, take the initiative of implementing such regulations which could help in fighting climate change which has become a common enemy. The state-level government can also implement key policies based on the practices committed in the particular state which affect the climate. For instance, the federal government as well as the state government can implement a policy on factory as well as Moto vehicle emission such as charging very high taxes on factories as well as fuel to discourage the public from using private transport hence adopt public means of transport which could help reduce fuel emissions (Winkler et al.). Policies against deforestation and the conservation of the environment can also help in ensuring that the environment is protected hence reducing the rate of climatic change. Conclusion Climate change is an issue of great concern which should not be ignored by all means. Each year more fatalities are experienced in the United States as a result of extreme events which are due to the changing climate. Apart from these calamities, Climatic change threatens the existence of life in marine, air and that of human beings. Since human activities are the major causes of climate shift it is possible to reduce the increasing rate of this change. Change in human activities which trigger climate change is necessary such as reducing the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which is one of the major causes of a significant climatic shift. hassan 11 Works Cited Anderson TR, et al. “Co2, The Greenhouse Effect, and Global Warming: From the Pioneering Work of Arrhenius and Callendar to Today's Earth System Models.” Endeavour, vol. 40, no. 3, 2016, pp. 178–187., doi:10.1016/j.endeavour.2016.07.002. Barbi, Fabiana. “Governing Climate Change in China and Brazil: Mitigation Strategies.” Journal of Chinese Political Science, vol. 21, no. 3, 2016, pp. 357–370., doi:10.1007/s11366-0169418-y. Corner, Adam, et al. “How Do Young People Engage with Climate Change? The Role of Knowledge, Values, Message Framing, and Trusted Communicators.” Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, vol. 6, no. 5, 2015, pp. 523–534., doi:10.1002/wcc.353. Global Change Research Program. Separating Human and Natural Influences on Climate. Accessed 2018. HERMAN, BENJAMIN C. “The Influence of Global Warming Science Views and Sociocultural Factors on Willingness to Mitigate Global Warming.” Science Education, vol. 99, no. 1, 2015, pp. 1–38., doi:10.1002/sce.21136. Jacobson, Mark Z. “Review of Solutions to Global Warming, Air Pollution, and Energy Security.” Energy & Envi ...
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