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In this assignment option, you will express your thoughts and opinions regarding the content of your selected podcast in a short paper.

Choose one of the two videos located in this week’s Required Learning Activities.

  • Drug Control in Central Asia
  • Child Exposure to Domestic Violence

Write a 1050- to 1400-word paper addressing the selected topic of your choice. Within your paper, be sure to address the following elements:

  • Was the content of your video a personal crime, property crime, or policy issue?
  • What causal factors were addressed in the video?
  • What policy implications or recommendations were provided in the video to address the crime?
  • Were budgetary or financial issues discussed in the video? If so, elaborate.
  • What future implications were discussed in the video?
  • What other content-specific information is relevant to your selected video?
  • What basic elements of the crime served as the basis for your selected video?
  • What criminological theory or theories best explains the occurrence of this crime or issue?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your work to the Assignment Files tab.

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Child exposure to domestic violence
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Child exposure to domestic violence
Children are affected by domestic violence in their family mostly between the parents. In this
context, the video done by the Louisiana Court appointed special advocate for children depicts
domestic violence as a personal crime to the children as the secondary victims (Louisiana CASA,
2016).This means that the child witnesses his mother or father being physically and emotionally
abused. It calls for various law measures in order to rescue the child from torture and eventually
deal with the violent parents or family members through child protection services.
The causal factors addressed
The causal factors addressed in this video that lead to domestic violence eventually did hurt the
children involved (Louisiana CASA, 2016). For instance, the when one partner feels the need to
dominate the relationship. This leads to domestic abuse since he wanted to control his wife. The
need to control the other partner may be due to self-esteem, lack of control of anger and
emotions, strong jealousy or even feeling inferior of either because of economic or social
Another causal factor that can be present in this situation is that the man might be feeling that he
has the right to be violent. This might be related to the past traditional beliefs that women are not
equal to men. This aspect is also likely...

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