101w6 project 2 invention assignment.

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eng101W6-Project 2 Invention Assignment: Understanding and Using Rhetorical Concepts (due 11/13)

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Project 2 Invention Assignment: Understanding and Using the Rhetorical Concepts The goal of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to practice applying the rhetorical concepts—ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos—to your selected Project 2 social media account. (You should have already selected one of the final two you submitted for your Project 2 Initial Invention Assignment.) Your goal in Project 2 is to use the rhetorical concepts to help you analyze this social media account’s interesting content, so it's time to demonstrate your understanding of and ability to apply the four rhetorical concepts. This invention assignment is designed to help you to do some critical thinking and analyzing before you begin composing your rough draft. (Note that this assignment should not be used as your actual rough draft.) Here are some helpful questions to consider as you complete this assignment: How is the creator of this account gaining viewers' trust (ethos)? What can be seen in the account that makes viewers believe the composer is an authority and knows what he/she is communicating (ethos)? Does the account contain any content that hurts the account’s credibility (ethos)? Does the account and its posts seem organized and rational (logos)? Are its messages reasonable and/or based in fact (logos)? Is there any contradictory content on the account that seems irrational or unreasonable (logos)? Does something in the account inspire an emotional reaction (pathos) in viewers? If so, what is provoking this emotional reaction? Are the emotions evoked on the account consistent (pathos and logos)? Are the posts particularly timely or topically relevant for this particular moment in time (kairos)? Here are the steps for you to take to complete this assignment: • First: Read the material and watch the video in the Rhetorical Appeals link in the Project 2 module (found under "Multimodal Projects 1 & 2") in our course Blackboard shell. • Second: Provide the URL or username of your chosen social media account (i.e., or Instagram @beyonce). • Third: In at least one written paragraph, describe the specific social media site/app of your chosen account and the account’s target audience. How does the particular site/app affect the messages communicated by the account? How does it help or constrain these messages? For the account’s target audience, be as specific as you can: think about surface-level characteristics like gender, ethnicity, age, etc., as well as more beneath-the-surface characteristics like income level, occupation, political leanings, religion, etc. • Fourth: In another written paragraph, identify the rhetorical goal of the social media account. (Keeping in mind a social media account can have multiple goals.) Is it to sell a product or service? Increase brand awareness? Increase awareness for a social cause or charity? Is it to simply inform about its subject? Or to entertain? Try to identify an overall goal/purpose for the account. • Fifth: In another written paragraph, identify how the account you've chosen uses each rhetorical appeal to achieve its goal. Provide a single example from your chosen account of each rhetorical appeal. For example, if I were looking at Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Twitter account, I might comment on how Tyson has a PhD in astrophysics (ethos) and uses verifiable statistics (ethos and logos) along with humor and powerful images (pathos) to convince viewers of the importance of science education (rhetorical goal). I might also mention that Tyson states that the current climate change crisis facing our globe (pathos) is a reason that this topic is especially relevant today (kairos). Make sure to include at least one example of how the account uses each of the four rhetorical concepts to achieve its goal. You may also, like above, start to explore how multiple appeals are used together. (This more sophisticated synthesis will be crucial in your drafts later.) Continue to think critically about the relationship among knowledge, language, imagery, identities, persuasion, and power. Use this assignment to help you continue to do the rhetorical and critical thinking needed for Project 2. While all the Habits of Mind are involved in all work for this course, Metacognition is critical to analytical work. Please submit (either attached as a Word-accessible document or pasted into the submission text box of the assignment) your chosen URL/username and three paragraphs. ...
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Invention Assignment: Understanding and Using Rhetorical Concepts
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