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(Page 1! of 5) Instructions for Posting Messages in Discussion Forum 3 • Format for Posting Messages in Discussion Forum 3 is different from Discussion Forum 1 & Discussion Forum 2 • So please these instructions very carefully ______________________________ 1. Discussion Forum 3 is open for two weeks - Week 9 and Week 10 2. In the first week (Week 9), you will post your First Message only 3. In order to post your First Message, you need to Create a Thread in the Forum 4. You will not see messages posted by your classmates until you create a thread and post your first message NOTE: • You should create only one thread • Your thread should contain your First Message only • I don't want to see an empty thread • If I see an empty thread, you will not get any points for Discussion Forum 3 5. In the second week (Week 10), you will respond to first messages from your classmates 6. Please remember that Discussion Forum 3 is worth 12 points, which is 12% of your final grade for the course A. Your First Message 1. Read the document regarding the topic for Discussion Forum 3 that I have posted in Week 9 folder and follow my instructions for choosing a topic and for finding a full-text scholarly/peer-reviewed journal article using ProQuest Research Library database ______________________________________________________________________ SRAO / SOCL101 : Instructions For Posting Messages in the Discussion Forum 3 (Page 2! of 5) 2. Your First Message should be on the scholarly/peer-reviewed journal article your find on the narrow topic you have chosen 3. DO NOT search on Google or other search engines for information 4. I want to see only one First Message from you 5. I will take points off if you fail to follow this requirement 6. Put you topic in the subject line of your message. This will inform your classmates and me upfront what your message is on 7. DO NOT copy and paste sentences into your message from the text of the article you are writing about. This constitutes plagiarism and you will not get any points for Discussion Forum 3 if you plagiarize. 8. I do not want to see direct quotes from the text of the article either. I will take points off if I see direct quotes from the text of the article. Put the sentences into your own words. This is the format I want you to follow for the body of your First Message • Format for your First Message in Discussion Forum 3 is different from Discussion Forum 1 and Discussion Forum 2 • So please read these instruction carefully • I will take points off if you do not follow this format The Six-Paragraph Essay Format For Your First Message in Discussion Forum 2 Your First Message should contain 6 paragraphs broken down as follows: a. Paragraph #1 : Introductory paragraph that clearly states what the article you have found is all about. Give the URL (link) for the article. By clicking on this link I should be able to retrieve the full text of the article. (25 to 30 words only) b. Paragraph # 2 : Hypothesis presented by the author/s (25 to 30 words only) c. Paragraph # 3 : Material used by the author/s in the study (50 to 75 words only) ______________________________________________________________________ SRAO / SOCL101 : Instructions For Posting Messages in the Discussion Forum 3 (Page 3! of 5) d. Paragraph # 4 : Discussion of the findings by the author/s (50 to 75 words only) e. Paragraph # 5 : Concluding paragraph that wraps up your message (25 to 30 words only) f. Paragraph # 6 : Citation for the article in proper APA format that you have retrieved from the database. I have shown you by screen shots how to retrieve the citation for the article in my instruction for searching the ProQuest Research Library database (posted separately) B. Your Response Messages • In the second week (Week 10), you will respond to at least two First Messages from your classmates • You must post your First Message before you respond to messages from your classmates • You can respond to more than two first messages in which case I will consider your two best responses when I grade the Forum • Message 2 and Message 3 should be responses to First Messages from two different classmates Format for Responses to Messages From Your Classmates You are required to follow the format outlined below when you respond to messages from your classmates. You will lose points if you fail to do this. a. Each of the two responses to messages from your classmates should be one paragraph of no more than 75 to 100 words b. Your should directly address the points raised by the person in his/her message c. Do not respond to your own messages d. Do not change the subject line of the message you are responding to ______________________________________________________________________ SRAO / SOCL101 : Instructions For Posting Messages in the Discussion Forum 3 (Page 4! of 5) e. Your responses should have substance and should contribute to the class discussions f. Simply agreeing with a message from one of your classmates and repeating what he/she has said is not acceptable Please Note: I am not looking for a lengthy first message. This is the reason why I have limited the number of words you can use. This will also make you think critically on the topic, write effectively, and post focused messages that are to the point. So please do not exceed the word limit. Please remember that your classmates will be responding to your messages. None of us have the time or want to read a very lengthy, irrelevant, and unfocused first message! C. Etiquette for Participating in the Discussion Forums a. Remember, this is not instant messaging, emailing, or texting. This is your course work and you are being graded for what you post. So please write clearly b. Follow basic rules of grammar and punctuation. Begin a sentence with an upper case letter and end your sentences with a period c. Do not use slang words, abbreviations, contraction, or other short cuts in your messages d. Be very civil and courteous to your classmates in your response messages. Rudeness will not be tolerated e. We are all allowed to have our own opinion and we can disagree with the opinions of others in a polite way f. When you respond to messages from your classmates, make sure you begin with a greeting such as “Hello” or “Hi” followed by the classmate’s name ______________________________________________________________________ SRAO / SOCL101 : Instructions For Posting Messages in the Discussion Forum 3 (Page 5! of 5) g. Proofread your message before posting. I will take points off for grammar and spelling errors (It may be a good idea to type your message in Microsoft Word and run it through spelling and grammar check. You can then select the entire text, copy/cut, and paste it into the message box). Please do not hesitate to send me a course email message if you need clarifications. I will be happy to answer your questions. Best Wishes! -Srivalli ______________________________________________________________________ SRAO / SOCL101 : Instructions For Posting Messages in the Discussion Forum 3 Response to the following post: Tatiana Tobon Sexual double standards Sexual double standards: A review and methodological critique of two decades of research This article is a review of a collection of studies since 1980 including focus groups, interview studies, and linguistic analysis showing the different sexual standards and permissiveness for women and men. The Authors of the research study hypothesize that despite the claims double standards are fading and we are becoming more accepting, they are still present and may still influence the behavior of men and women. they used various research methods like experimental designs, ethnographic, interviews, focus groups, and linguistic analyses. They also included a critique of the pros/ strengths and cons/weaknesses of each of their methods. a presentation of the evidence for "contemporary double standards that are nuances and context dependent." They also found qualitative studies that focused directly on double standards through their computerized database searches. They found that a majority of men and women participants were mainly worried about being judged, more importantly, their reputation. The risks of having sex and being judged for it is greater for a young woman than for a young man. The women in the study argued by losing their reputation it would lead to sexual harassment, being labeled, loss of friends, being shamed and alienated. One of the major double standards from two of the focus groups. On the contrary, the young men had more acceptance when disclosing of their sexual encounters without any judgment or risk of reputation. Sexual permissiveness between genders has had effects on women and men, however, a majority being women. Mainly due to the social constructs that limit a woman's sexual behavior with fear of rejection. Abolishing shame that comes with the stigmatization of any sexual activity a woman is a part of, their sexual permissiveness should be the way it has been for men. Star Llenas Women with disabilities in the work place This case study focuses on women discrimination in the workplace and their disadvantages while being disabled. It also speaks about their initial stages of employment. The hypothesis for this case study was to determine if women with disabilities are discriminated against compared to those without during the hiring process and compared their wages as well. For this study researchers used the system SIPP which ask detailed questions. The questions had to do with finances, social, disability, and limitations. They created two variables, one was the “Satisfactory” transition to another job and the other was known as “Unsatisfactory” transition. They had an equation to measure the wage gap and the Heckman’s two-step procedure to account for bias situations. Women who have a disability seems to have a higher outcome for wage discrimination. As for the outcome in the job transition section, there were mixed results. Like the researchers had already figured the employers preferred women without disabilities vs. those who had. Women who had disabilities were less likely to make a “satisfactory” change but more likely to make “unsatisfactory” changes. Then there was the finding that showed a large wage penalty for all women. This case study was interesting because not only did it speak about the discrimination that women go through in the work world but also included women with disabilities.
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Sexual Double Standards Response
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