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please make code as simple as possible.Do not make complex.

chapter 7 in book if helpful.

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CSCI 1301FG Programming Assignment 6 Summer 2018 Introduction It’s Gameinator time! The game is simple; you come up with a number and I (the user) guess the number. The task is simple but creating and coding the algorithm to solve the programming challenge may prove interesting. This assignment allows you to flex your problem solving skills using structured programming’s sequence, selection and iteration structures. Game on! Assignment & Discussion Write an application that pseudo-randomly generates an integer between 1 and 25. See below on how to generate a pseudo-random number in C#. Once you’ve generated the number (the game number), prompt the user (gamer) to enter a guess (the user number). Compare the user number to the game number. If the numbers match – winner! Give the user five attempts to guess the game number. If/when the user selects the winning number, congrats are in order. If the user selects a non-winning number, give a hint (too low, too high). If the gamer doesn’t find the game number in five tries, console them (gently). Requirements  Pseudocode o Pseudocode is not required, but highly encouraged as a tool to develop your algorithm  Application o Implement your C# application in one file. o Name your Solution, Project and namespace “Programming_Assignment_6”. o Name your class “Gameinator” and your source code file “Gameinator.cs”. o Do all your work in Gameinator’s Main() method. o *** No arrays! Arrays are out of bounds (get it?), until Chapter 8. *** Use the C# tools available to you from our 1301 studies so far. Ok? Yes, you can solve this challenge without arrays! o Pseudo-Random Number Generator. The below code will pseudo-randomly generate an integer between 1 and 25. We cover Random’s Next() in more depth in Chapter 7. Random myRandom = new Random(); int gameNumber = myRandom.Next(1, 26); (Note: The number ‘26’ above is not a typo. Why is it 26 and not 25?)  Submission o Submit your entire zipped solution file, in .zip format, on D2L. o Note: Ensure you retain complete copies of your solution folder, its zip file!  Due Date: NLT 11:59 pm, Tuesday, November 20, 2018.  Late Penalty: I will assess penalties for late submissions per the CSCI 1301 course syllabus. Incomplete submissions are late submissions. I will assess penalties accordingly. Ensure your submission is complete and on time! CSCI 1301FG Programming Assignment 6 Summer 2018 Style Guide  File headers. Include a header that follows the below format on all .cs source code files. //**************************************************************************** //**************************************************************************** // // Name // CSCI 1301CD // Programming Assignment 6 // Date // // FileName.cs // //*************************************************************************** //***************************************************************************  Variables. Do not declare and/or initialize more than one variable per line of code. Screen Shots  Here’s a couple of looks at what a working Gameinator can look like! CSCI 1301FG Programming Assignment 6 Summer 2018 ...
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I wrote the program. I cannot imagine h...

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Heard about Studypool for a while and finally tried it. Glad I did caus this was really helpful.


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