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YORE BLENDS BUSINESS ANALYTICS PLAN Details Name Institutional Affiliation Date Introduction ❑Yore Blends is a fictional online company dealing with spices. ❑The services are subscription-based depending on trends. ❑The Company is focused on quality deliveries. ❑There are additional offers such as complementary products. ❑Yore Blends offers gifts, utensils and eco-friendly options. ❑The company motivates its customers and encourages subscription. Plans of the Company ❑Increasing customer subscription to the company. ❑Promoting good sales by the company. ❑Changing the business strategy to merger and acquisition. ❑Increasing stability of the company. ❑Good revenue to be generated by the company. ❑Enhance a global adventure with a good statistical numbers in the company. Discovery/Framing of the Business Problem ❑Yore Blends as a company has a great challenge. ❑The crisis is the increased churning rate for the customers (Shah, Gochtovtt & Baldini, 2019). ❑The customer subscription has reduced. ❑There are challenges in the business and negatively impacts it. ❑The subscribers are seemingly going down. ❑The business goals are reducing and obscured. ❑In the past two years (24) there is a trending reduce in the customers. ❑The attrition has resulted in low income. ❑Yore Blends need to increase its sales and customers. ❑Most of the customers have shown a reduced interest regarding ordering the products. ❑Irrespective of the promoti ...
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