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Life After College Exercise

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Columbia College
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Life After College - How This is an exercise for you to evaluate your budget after you graduate college, incorporating your pr savings and investments. You are only to input items that are in RED. In order to complete the Life After College exercise, you will be evaluating the following items afte 1 - Projected annual salary (Sheet: Annual Income and Taxes) 2 - Taxes on your projected annual salary (Sheet: Annual Income and Taxes) 3 - Projected Budget (Sheet: Projected Budget) 4 - Calculate your monthly student loan payment (and theses calculations will be inco 5 - Determine the amount of savings (and how will you save: i.e. 401K traditional or 6 - Calculate the growth of your investments over time assuming an asset allocation m Summary of Results (no inputs as these are claculated form your inputs in the other workshee Net Monthly Income Projected Budget Excess/(Deficit) Monthly Student Loan Payments Monthly Savings Total Future Value of Investment Portfolio at Retirement ge - How do I Fare? incorporating your projected income, expenses, student loan repayments, taxes, and e following items after you graduate: me and Taxes) culations will be incorporated in your budget) (Sheet: Monthly Student Loan Payment) . 401K traditional or Roth or after tax investments) (Sheet: Projected Budget) g an asset allocation mix of investments (Sheet: Savings and Investment Growth) the other worksheets) $ 2,851.83 $ 341.83 $ 555.10 $ 583.33 $ 4,033,336.27 ent) Annual Inc ...
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