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PSY __300 week __3 DQ 3




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Week 3
DQ 3: Is there a “general intelligence” that can be measured by tests? If so, what might
be some of the things that you could use as test items that would tap into this general
form of intelligence that would not be overly affected by cultural matters? If not, why
General Intelligence can be measured through various types of intelligence tests, also
known as IQ, Intelligence, Aptitude, Intellectual Ability, Capacity to Learn, Cognitive
Skills. General Intelligence is the ability to think about ideas, analyze situations, and
solve problems. IQ stands for intelligence quotient. Supposedly, it is a score that tells
one how 'bright" a person is compared to other people. During the 1920's journalist
Walter Lippmann maintained that IQ tests were nothing but a series of stunts. He
maintained that the term intelligence had never been adequately defined and
supposedly nobody knows what an IQ test is supposed to measure. He believed that
intelligence could not be measured without an adequate definition for the term. General
intelligence could be used as a good predictor of a child's current learning ability and
performance in school.
Response 2
I think overall there is in fact a general intelligence that can be measured by test. We
have all seen the info about the IQ test that some of us may or may not have taken in
the past. There are many test that can measure how weak or strong a persons thinking
skills are. The test in my opinion cant tell a person if they are not intelligence or not. I
think that these test are test of growing of what we all need to work on. Isn't that what at
test in general is al about. There are test and questionnaires that we may be able to fill
out to see if a person is a high risk of being bi-polar as well as manic depressant. Just
because a piece of paper says a person is something that the person is what that test
says according to scores and so on. If a person puts the test as the main focus and the
person taking the test is being true and honest about the answers then the test is going
to have a better outcome and have more meaning to it. If a person if taking an IQ test
and they are not putting all of their effort into it then the test is not going to be accurate.
We can take test all day long to determine how smart we are or what kind of person we
may be but its not going to really mean anything if the person taking the test if putting all
the effort into it and if the test taker does not have belief in the test. There are many
types of test some are timed and this test may have some math problems that you can
take to see how fast of a problem solver you are. When I was hired onto my company,
before being hired we had to take a test and we had to pass the test with a certain

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score. The test took an average of 2 hours and it was mixed up between trick customer
service questions as well as some math.
Response 3
Yes, I do believe that there is a "general intelligence" that can be measured by tests.
The tests we commonly use are the IQ tests which give you multiple types of questions
or problems and then grade you on your answers. You could use items such as puzzles
and word/item comparison to tap into this general form of intelligence. Using these
items would not have different affects between cultures because they are primarily
We also use other testing in the United States such as our SAT and ACT testing while in
high school, although this stuff is taught to us in preparation you must understand and
retain the things you learn to receive a good score on them.
I often wonder how well these IQ tests are to use because I would like to have my
children tested just to see that they are learning on a good level and understanding
everything they are learning, or if they may have a difficult time in one subject more
than another.
Response 4
According to Charles Spearman, yes there is and he referred to it as the g-factor. This
factor was made up of arithmetic, general knowledge, and vocabulary. I on the other
had tend to relate “general intelligence” to common sense, and do not really think there
is a test for it. The only way to see if someone has any common sense is to monitor
how they act in daily challenges and when difficult things occur. Of course, what I view
as common sense someone else might say is not true, so any test would be subjective
to that person’s view of common sense. We all agree though that it is not a good idea
to play in traffic or jump out of an airplane without a parachute. Yet people still think it is
a good idea to run across an eight-lane highway. There are other examples of course,
but I think you either have it or you don’t. The only test I can think of is to take
someone to a highway and say run across, and if they do then you can say they have
no sense. This of course is flawed and not really a good measure of general
intelligence. The flaw would occurs when I say jump from the airplane, because there
are many who wouldn’t jump even if they had a parachute, knew it would open, and
knew it would be the most fun they have ever had, because they have a fear of
heights. Thus any test for “common sense” is flawed.

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