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process design matrix and executive summary


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This executive summary will outline the specific design approaches for Apple online
support service and Apple as the product. In the executive summary, information will be
provided about the process design approach, the process design, inventory and quality of
amenities and products. The key results as defined in the process design display a range of
extremely competitive amenities and services along with extraordinary member satisfaction.
Process design aspect.
Design focal point; the main focus of apple online support service is the production of quality
services and results. Apple Company focuses on ensuring their customers are attended to in a
short period of time possible. This way they ensure that quality of their services is always above
Strategy; for apple company to provide online support service they require the customers to be
covered within their warranty and if not they will be taken care of but at a fee. In addition to this
they require the customers to provide the serial number of their device in this case apple iPad for
the technicians to access their database and be able to correct them.
Process design approach; this process design matrix is divided into two; self-service approach
where customers use apple websites to access assistance from apple technical team and pay use
credit cards if not covered under warranty. The other approach is the product line approach in
which the company controls execution of each outlet in order to ensure services are offered to
customers rapidly and within the shortest period possible.

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Process map; this gives the procedure which the customer is required to follow for them to
acquire assistance from apple technicians. The first step is for apple consumer to log into the
apple assistance website after which they feed the required detail which includes the serial
number of the apple iPad with a problem. On completion they report the problem on the site then
await feedback. When they are fully satisfied and attended to they are requested to pay if not
under warranty coverage and comment and rate the apple online support service on the quality of
their service.
Process performance measurement; this simply explains the method(s) used by apple technical
team in checking and maintaining the quality of the services which is offered to their this case reviews from their site and ratings made are used while at the same time
incorporating the use of regular audits on their online support service site to check on its
functionality. This is usually done apple audit team.
Factory location; this part states the location where one can access the assistance of apple
technicians easily in which in this case it’s their website known as apple express lane:
Process design; this includes Job shop process: where clients are attended to by a group of
technicians. Batch processes are followed and finally the assembly line where the device is taken
to different technicians with different know how who take-up the task to ensure the device is as
good as new. This ensures that services offered to consumers is smoothened and also it is of high
Scheduling; this discourses the time in which services can be offered to apple customers. In this
case with apple iPad they offer a 24/7 technical support to those with any query concerning their
products so as to ensure that their consumers are fully satisfied and assisted whenever they face
any difficulty.
Quality; this rates the performance of an organization product and is services. Apple’s iPad is
rated at 94% which is excellent as its way above board.
Inventory; this mainly focusses on the storage facility of the organization’s storage of issues they
have tackled and what their customers have remarked concerning them. In apple’s online support

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