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Psychology is a “soft science”; answers and facts are hard to come by
and subject to interpretation. As a result of this, there are several schools of
thought. Each school of thought accepts the standardized labels and diagnosis
of mental illness and disorders however, the treatment of these mental illnesses
and disorders are subject to different methods.
Before treatment can begin, a diagnosis needs to be established. A
therapist needs to first establish what is normal and abnormal psychology, and
then this therapist needs to diagnose the disorder or illness, and finally, needs to
establish what treatment is needed.
This paper will compare and contrast normal and abnormal psychology.
This paper will then examine two mental illnesses, Post Traumatic Stress and
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and two mental disorders, Bipolar disorder
and Schizophrenia. Finally this paper will discuss the similarities and differences
of how these illnesses and disorders are treated by each psychological school of
Normal and Abnormal Psychology
Abnormal Psychology is the study of abnormal behaviors within an
individual’s mental capacity. The reason why abnormal psychology is called
abnormal is because it studies the behavior that causes an individual to act
outside of normal expectancies. These unusual behaviors can be anything from
depression, schizophrenia, etc. and the individual cannot control most of these

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These behaviors are usually kept under control with medications and
close monitoring by doctors, case managers, and clinical physicians. When
physicians study the abnormalities of abnormal psychologh they usually closely
examine how a person may feel, speak and behave and then give a diagnosis
for recommended treatment.
There are four theories of abnormal psychology: (1) Biophysical (2)
Intrapsychic (3) Existential (4) Behavioral. Biophysical Theories focus on how
physical defects such as disease, injury and drugs causes mental problems, by
affecting the brain or other parts of the body. Biophysical Theories are treated
with the use of medication, tranquillizers and anti-depressants.
Intrapsychic Theories occur because of emotional side effects of past
situations and experiences that generally cause anxiety. This behavior is usually
dealt with through therapy because it is better for the individual to talk things out
rather than to keep them inside. Existential theories help an individual to analyze
their life and to see what they need to do in order to reach goals and complete
task. This type of theory is done by close monitoring and repetitive lessons that
are taught through learning processes. Existential theory goes well with
behavioral theory because the two of they focus on teaching behavior for results.

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