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Week 1
DQ 1: How does psychology as a scientific discipline differ from the casual observations we
make about the world in everyday life? What are the similarities?
Psychology as a scientific discipline is used to answer questions about human nature through
scientific investigation. Casual observations means to pay attention to a person or something
more like a first impression. We have our own interruption of how people should act or react in
situations; but should we as human judge imperfect behavior. In my everyday life I am focused
to see youth in an imperfect way because they have been sent to a Juvenile Center for
discipline problems. Until reading a case file I should see that child as a human being that has
made a mistake and needs a new type of outlook on life. I have been trained to just see the
youth as any other youth not as an offender that has been sentenced to the correctional
system. The world has turned their backs on children and should take the time out and find the
root of the real problem. By completing a scientific investigation we may be able to see if the
child has been affected by their environment or culture. In an everyday life everyone uses the
casual observation which will only pass judgment with no answers but scientific discipline will
provide answers to why that child is there.
Response 2
In psychology scientific discipline, would be the study of a certain behavior , and with this kind
of study it is in a controlled environment. In this controlled environment there are many factors
that contribute to help find what they are looking for. a controlled environment is where the they
are in a neutral condition where the researcher are able to control the evironment. They have
an idea of what they want, they have hypothesis that helps them conduct thesis. for example
when a psychologist wants to see if children are more violent when they watch violent. they
would have two groups one that would watch violent movies and one that would not and they
were able to see the difference.
In a casual observation that we make are in uncontrolled environment. The environment that is
being observed is an open one, which means it could be in a play ground where children are
playing. in a play ground someone could observe the way children play with other or the
reactions from the adult with other adults.
The similarities between these two could be that they both observe behavior and both could
have a non bias thought. but one has a control group and the other has a noncontrol group.
Response 3

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Expertmath117math116 original work
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This can mean so many differant things to so many differant people. In my opinion, I believe
that psychology as a scientific discipline means what we were born to be. I come from the
understanding that we are all on this earth for a reason and we are born who we are. If a person
is born black they are going to be black, if a person is born gay then they are going to be gay. I
do think that science can help determine how a person is going to be as in the way they look
and how smart a person is. The casual observations that we make about the world in everyday
life is just what it says, its observation. When we observe a person its like we are standing from
a far and looking at how a person acts and what a person does to impress people. I think that
the similarities of these two definitions can be that we a child that comes from a differant culture
can be pulled out of that culture and into a differant one lets say an American family and now
that person looks Japanese but acts as if that child is an American. The child is Japanese
because of what science or mother nature has made them but they are now of the American

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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.