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Victor Herbert was born in Dublin, Ireland on February 1, 1859. His father died when he was an infant. Soon a�er, his mother married a German physician and the family se�led in Stu�gart. Victor Herbert's musical ability was recognized at an early age. A�er studying the violoncello with Bernhard Cossmann in Baden-Baden, he soon secured posi�ons playing in various orchestras in Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy. In 1881, he returned to Stu�gart where he joined the court orchestra and studied composi�on with Max Seifritz at the Conservatory. He married the Viennese opera singer Therese Förster in 1886, and in that same year moved to New York to accept a posi�on as a member of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Although in the early years in America the celebrity of his wife overshadowed his ac�vi�es, Herbert was soon involved in many ac�vi�es of his own. He formed a pops orchestra, par�cipated in chamber music concerts, Victor Herbert and performed as a soloist with Theodore Thomas and Anton Seidl. His fame in the realm of light concert music was such that in 1893 he was engaged to conduct the famous 22nd Regiment Band a�er the sudden death of the band's founder Patrick S. Gilmore, bringing him into compe��on with the newly formed Sousa Band. In 1894, Victor Herbert wrote his first work for the stage, a light opera en�tled Prince Ananias, which was received with some enthusiasm. In 1914, along with John Philip Sousa and others, Victor Her ...
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