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PSY- 300- week -2 DQ 2




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Wk. 2 DQ 2: How does sensation and perception affect learning? Provide an example
of each.
In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “Sensation is defined as a mental process (as
seeing, hearing, or smelling) resulting from the immediate external stimulation of a
sense organ often as distinguished from a conscious awareness of the sensory
process. Perception is defined as awareness of the elements of environment through
physical sensation.”
Sensation is learning through the senses, the is too bright, the eyes tell the brain that
the light is bright or the food smells good the noise sense the smell tells the brain of the
Perception is learning through contact making sense of what is seen, heard, tasted,
felt, and smelled. Eating a hot dog would give that contact to what the senses smelled
that was good.
Response 2
Sensation and perception work together in the learning process. They need each other
for one to understand and comprehend new and old information. Sensation is all the
things that we learn through our senses and perception is how our minds process the
information we retrieve through our senses. Sensation could be anything that we learn
through feeling, smelling, tasting, or hearing. Perception is how we process and retain
that information. We could feel a sensation that is hot to our skin, our perception will tell
us that it was hot to our skin, therefore not to touch that hot surface again because it
was harmful to our touch. We learn many behaviors through sensation and perception.
The phrase live and learn relates to sensation and perception. When we hear things we
are using sensation. Deciding on what to do with the information we hear is our
perception working for us. I have heard before, "Believe nothing you hear, and half of
what you see." This phrase is referring to the validity of the way things are perceived
under different circumstances. The learning process has sensation and perception
working in conjunction to make sense and understand the information.
Response 3
first lets discuss the definitions of both sensations and perceptions. sensation is how
the sence orgin's help get the informations of environment and send this information to
the the brain. then perception is how the brain organizes and understands those

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sensations. when it comes to leaning and how reserved information the meaning and
way that sensation and perception help us with the learning process. when we are
learning new information we have to go thought a process that helps our brain
understand the information that is trying to be learned.
when we are in school we are taught information that we are supposed to
understand. the process of us understanding has everything to do with the how our
sence origin takes in this informations that we learns, and then it depends how the
perception part of our brain organized and understands the informations from he sence
orgin's. sometimes this process has trouble getting everything done. i know when i
was in school i would have a hard time processing the new information and it would
take me a lot longer to understand what was being taught to me. but now that i am an
adult i believe that the information that was being taught to me finally processed.
Response 4
Sensation is the pickup of all information by our sensory receptors. When we see
something for the first time we are learning about it. This is just like us when we went to
online school for the first time and we are looking at the forums and learning about what
assignments go where and so on. This can affect learning because we are coming up
with ways to be better at our schooling and get the knowledge of how we can do better.
We can see and learn about the online library and the resources that we can use for
every writing assignment we can use the CWE as well as the plagiarizer checker.
Perception is when we look at something and it may not be what it is seemed. We have
all read about looking at a car from a distance and from a distance it may look like its
small but up close its actually very big. We were perceived in thinking differant about
this object that wasn't true. When we are thinking about learning and perception a
perfect example of this is when we are looking for online schools all of these pop ups
may come up about how a person can go to school and get their associates degree in
as little as 6 months. This is not true as we all know now by going to school and looking
into how long the classes can take to finish. On the other hand people may listen to
others about going to school online and get the impression that all of the online schools
are fake and do not produce a real accredited degree. The people that listen to the
crazy stories about this may get the wrong reasons for not going forward with their
online career and long term goals.

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