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Wk. 4 DQ 1: What is the relationship between conformity and obedience?
The relationship between conformity and obedience is that the end results of the two of
them is encouraging an individual to do something that they wouldn't normally do or
something that wasn't in their plans to do. Conformity is usually based on an individual
trying to fit into a certain standard, tradition, stereotype so that they will blend in and not
stand out and be different, which could lead to being ridiculed, despised, etc.
Obedience is slightly different because it is usually accomplished by forcing an
individual to do something or putting so much pressure on that individual until they just
do what they are told to keep from getting hurt or suffering consequences, such as
following traffic laws, which keep the streets a safe place for driving. A quick example
of conformity is how people tend to be influenced to dress within the current style to fit
Response 2
The word obedience is much like the word obey which in a sense can mean to listen to
the master or leader. Obedience occurs when you change your opinions, judgments, or
actions because someone in a position of authority told you to. The key aspect to note
about obedience is that just because you have changed in some way, it does not mean
that you now agree with the change. This would be like following the rules and
regulations of an employer and you are the employee. According to psychology today,
Conformity is the tendency to align your attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors with those
around you. It's a powerful force that can take the form of overt social pressure or
subtler unconscious influence. So in other words this means to go with the flow of
things. The relationship between the two in my opinion would be what happens in the
end. Do we follow all of our leaders or managers rules and regulations the way the
person who is charge is wanting us to do it or are we just going with the flow and
following what everyone else is doing. It is of my opinion to think of obedience more of
following your parents orders to be home at a certain time and confront to do what the
group does or follow the leader. What do the rest of you think?
Response 3
Both conformity and obedience expect a certain type of behavior from an individual or
society. Conformity is an act of compliance, a sort of marching to the same drum beat, if
you will. If you go to a party and the dress is formal, it would be considered
disrespectful to attend dressed in jeans and tennis shoes. conformity is an attempt to fit

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in with the group and to be agreeable to the standards of peers or society in general.
Obedience can be a choice to follow the directions of someone who is held in high
regard such as an authority figure;a parent,the police or a teacher. Obedience in this
case would be a choice made of one's free will. out of respect for the law or the leader
in question. Obedience makes the family,school,public world function because there are
rules that make things happen within a normal range of procedures and expectations of
Obedience that is forced,such as by physical force or by scare tactics (gun point as
an example) does work for the moment. Once the force is removed, the compliance
may not continue. Obedience from force is not a positive reinforcement and would
cause a person or a nation to rebel.
Response 4
Conformity and obedience are both hand in hand. One might say "in order to be
obedient, one must conform". Which I sort of agree with. For example, conformity is
more or less "following the rest" as I explain it, one person starts wearing torn and
ripped jeans to school and the following day more people start to wear torn and ripped
jeans. The best examples of conformity are fads and organizations. Fads get started
when society takes a hold of a trend and influences others to go along with the
appearance, act, etc. The use of cell phones and PDAs has become a modern day fad
along with personal style changes to our appearance. Being obedient is actually quite
vague, however the determination can be dignified by those who are in charge. At home
we are obedient on our mother and father's behalf because they are our parents. If our
brothers and sisters are obedient we too may conform to their decisions and ways and
become obedient ourselves. I was once told that in order to be a leader you must learn
to be a follower first, meaning that sometime in life we will conform to the majority which
would also mean that we were obeying the leader, boss, parent, or superior which is
obedience. There most certainly is a relationship between conformity and obedience,
because conforming, more or less, leads to obedience.

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