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Psy 240 week 6 assignment Sleep Deprivation,disorder and drugs




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Sleep Deprivation
Disorders, and Drugs
Axia College of the University of Phoenix
By Jennifer Johnson

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Lack of sleep is something that every person experiences on a regular basis. Having
disruptions of the circadian rhythms, and the lack of sleep, may cause one to enter into a
dangerous situation. Within this thesis, I will discuss a situation in which I did not get enough
sleep. Did this situation cause an effect on mood, behavior, cognitive, and motor skills? Did this
experience coincide with the effects if sleep deprivation described in the text? What are the
effects of long-term sleep reduction? Lastly, I will discuss common sleeping disorders, and their
possible drug remedies.
Years ago, sleep was something that I could do without any problems. I would stay out all
night, come home and go to bed, and wake up for work and feel refreshed. When I was younger I
would go out to night clubs almost every night and only get about three hours of sleep every
night. After I had children and my schedule became overloaded with work, family, and after
school activities my need for sleep became more apparent. I would require at least four more
hours than that experienced at a young adult.
The changes that had occurred in my daily life had altered my routine to the point that if I did
not receive sleep or was interrupted while sleeping, I could feel the difference in my mood,
behavior, cognitive and motor skills. Just waking up after these instances would give me an
instant attitude and would lash out at others even if they had not done anything. I would have
slurred speech for many hours after awakening, and felt as if I had a hangover after a night of
heavy drinking. Going to work even seemed an obstacle as it would take several hours to get
focused and become more alert. I would experience marked periods of sleepiness during the day
if my activities decreased and often felt groggy, and sluggish.

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After feeling this way for months, I went to my family doctor to ask for help to relieve me
from this problem. I was prescribed a sleeping pill to take before I would go to bed which ended
up making matters worse. Weeks after starting these pills I still felt refreshed and well rested in
the morning. After about the third week I noticed that I was starting to have the same symptoms
as before and decided to take a double dose in order to get a good night’s sleep for my upcoming
presentation the next day. Little did I know that my body had started to become immune to the
medication and taking more pills was necessary in order to gain the same effect of the
medication as I had once experienced. After taking additional pills had sent me into a reversal
effect causing me to stay up all night.
After returning to my doctor, I was informed that I had been overmedicating myself and my
body required more of a dosage because the pills were not meant to be a long term solution. He
informed me that I had caused a disruption in my circadian cycle and my body was becoming
confused as to which way was up. I do feel that my experiences were much like those described
in our reading. I would stay up for days but still be able to perform my daily tasks. I would start
to feel tired between the hours of 4am and 6am, or if I would sit for a long time. I feel that I had
these marked spells of sleepiness due to my body’s circadian cycle knowing it was almost day
Other examples of sleep deprivation that I experienced were the periods of micro sleeps. If I
were sitting on the couch watching the news I would close my eyes and feel as if I were asleep.
If loud movement in the room or on the T.V, I would immediately open my eyes but feel as if I
had been sleeping for hours. These little bursts of sleep would refresh me to the point that I
would start to feel better.

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