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COLLEGE ALGEBRA 6$0"EBQUBUJPOTUFEJUJPO 6QEBUFE"VHVTU 5IJTCPPLJTBOBEBQUBUJPOPGUIF0QFO4UBY$PMMFHFUFYU $PMMFHF"MHFCSB 'FCSVBSZ  5IFPSJHJOBMUFYUDBOCFEPXOMPBEFEGPSGSFFBUIUUQDOYPSHDPOUFOUDPMMBUFTU Download the OpenStax text for free at "CPVUUIF0QFO4UBY5FBN Lead Author, Senior Content Expert Jay Abramson has been teaching College Algebra for 33 years, the last 14 at Arizona State University, where he is a principal lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. His accomplishments at ASU include co-developing the university’s first hybrid and online math courses as well as an extensive library of video lectures and tutorials. In addition, he has served as a contributing author for two of Pearson Education’s math programs, NovaNet Precalculus and Trigonometry. Prior to coming to ASU, Jay taught at Texas State Technical College and Amarillo College. He received Teacher of the Year awards at both institutions. The following faculty contributed to the development of OpenStax College Algebra, the text from which this product was updated and derived. Contributing Authors: Valeree Falduto, Palm Beach State College Rachael Gross, Towson University David Lippman, Pierce College Melonie Rasmussen, Pierce College Rick Norwood, East Tennessee State University Nicholas Belloit, Florida State College Jacksonville Jean-Marie Magnier, Springfield Technical Community College Harold Whip ...
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Really helpful material, saved me a great deal of time.