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30 60 90 Business Plan

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Avionics Technician (Name)
Learn through self-
education and company
training about the
company culture,
corporate policies, code
of conduct, and
organizational hierarchy.
Familiarize with the
company’s systems and
procedures for repairing,
adjusting, inspecting, or
installing avionics
equipment, such as
missile control systems,
radio, radar, and
navigation systems in
space or aircraft vehicles.
Have a one-on-one
conversation with the
company’s senior
executives and Technical
managers to learn
technical procedures for
maintaining spacecraft,
helicopters, and airplanes.
Establish relationships
and rapport with support
departments or assistant
Finish or complete all the
company applications.
Learn about the existing
teams in the field of
avionics and their current
Familiarize with different
departments, functions,
and contributions to the
Research major
competitors of the
company and how avionic
technicians can help the
company to get ahead.
Participate directly in
weekly meetings
organized by the vice
president of technical
Attend meetings
organized by technical
managers to understand
the company’s procedures
for assembling
components such as
junction boxes, electric
controls, switches, and
using soldering irons and
hand tools.
Learn as much as possible
the optimization
procedures of technical
Participate in active
activities relating to
laying out the installation
of aircraft systems and
assemblies, following
documentation such as
wiring diagrams,
manuals, and blueprints.
Review the best practices
for assembling modules
of circuits or prototypes,
systems, and instruments
used for testing.
Use assemblies,
components, voltmeters,
oscilloscopes, and circuit
testers to ensure that they
are reliable and effective
in completing assigned
Conduct a SWOT
analysis of the technical
team and try to increase
their productivity by 10%.
Have a one-on-one
interaction with the
technical manager to get
feedback about personal
and team performance.
Implement changes or
updates suggested by the
technical manager to
boost personal
productivity level.
Take notes of the
learnings that come from
examinations and analysis
of the major personal
failures and successes.
Create a plan to correct
failures and to improve
working relations with
others in the team.
Customize equipment and
tools that helped to boost
personal productivity in
assigned roles and
Join and actively
participate in social media
groups created purposely
to enhance interactions
and collaboration between
team members.
Read more journal reports
on causes of failures in
teams and try to look for
ways to address past
Evaluate the value of
foregone opportunities
and re-engine ways and
procedures to maximize
existing opportunities.
Continue coordinate work
with that of aircraft
maintenance personnel,

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Avionics Technician 30-Day 60-Day ➢ Learn through self➢ Participate directly in education and company weekly meetings training about the organized by the vice company culture, president of technical corporate policies, code operations. of conduct, and ➢ Attend meetings organizational hierarchy. organized by technical ➢ Familiarize with the managers to understand company’s systems and the company’s procedures procedures for repairing, for assembling adjusting, inspecting, or components such as installing avionics junction boxes, electric equipment, such as controls, switches, and mi ...
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