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Psy 240 week 8 checkpoint part 2




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The four methods for studying lateralization are the sodium amytal test, the
dichotic listening test, functional brain imaging, and the relations between
handedness and language lateralization.
The sodium amytal test is given prior to neurosurgery as a means to using
the results to plan for the surgery to avoid damaging the areas of the cortex
that involved language (Pinel, 2007).
The dichotic listening test is where three pairs of spoken digits are presented
through earphones where the pairs are given simultaneously one to each ear.
The example of this is three di#erent numbers are heard in one ear while the
other war receives three di#erent numbers at the same time. Afterwards, the
subject is asked to report the numbers given to them. It was found that most
reported slightly more digits in the right ear which indicative of the left-
hemisphere dominance for language (Pinel, 2007).
Functional brain imaging is taking a subject that is engaged in a certain
activity while the activity of the brain is monitored by positron emission
tomography or functional magnetic resonance imaging. When administrating
a language test, this technique reveals more activity in the left hemisphere
that the right.
Handedness and speech lateralization is a method of cerebral lateralization
in which studies have revealed the left hemisphere is more dominant for the
language-related abilities in most right-handed people and the majority of
left-handed people which indicates that most left-handed people are more
variable than right-handed people in regards to language lateralization
(Pinel, 2007).

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