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Steve Yzerman
Steve Yzerman was born in British Columbia, Canada, where he grew up in a town known as
Nepean, which is in the present day, Ottawa city. Yzerman developed an interest in ice hockey at
a very young age, playing professionally for the Nepean Raiders junior team (Hunter). Steve
Yzerman is one of the greatest athletes ever and one of the best center players in the National
Hockey league. He was an exceedingly successful player during his tenure, scoring some of the
most unbelievable goals in the National Hockey League (NHL) and maintaining the flair for
numerous seasons.
Yzerman's career success and achievements began right when he led the Detroit Red Wings
to win the Stanley Cup in the year 1997 after over four decades of 'drought' (Fischler). He holds
the record of the longest-serving captain in the history of the game and was enlisted as a member
of the Hockey Hall of Fame. Additionally, he maintained consistency throughout his career,
scoring above a hundred points for over six seasons.
Nonetheless, despite the tremendous success, everything was not always easy for Yzerman,
and he faced numerous challenges during his career. He was a relatively smaller person for a
hockey athlete at only 5ft 11in tall and weighing about 160 pounds (Hunter). Additionally, he

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chaffed under the management of a new coach in 1993 who's stern coaching style strained his
relationship with the players, and injuries also threatened his career at a point.
Yzerman is one of the greatest players ever to grace the NHL and with uniqueness as
youngest captain to lead a team in the NHL. He also became the youngest player in the NHL All-
Star game at only 18 years (Macri). He is currently married to Lisa Brennan, and they have three
daughters. He was appointed as one of the leaders in the hockey association in Canada and also
currently holds an executive position in the National Hockey League.

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