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Brewery Case Study: Bull Dog Brewery

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Bull Dog Brewery: Three year old Bull Dog Brewery was owned by three friends – Will Irving (the brewer), Andrew Simpson (the business manager), and Eric Knight (planner for events and promotion). By July 2016, they had established a successful pub in downtown Carrboro, North Carolina, just a mile or two from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus. With an active craft-brewing scene, North Carolina had lots of people looking for good, local beer in bars, restaurants, and bottle shops. Therefore, it was not surprising that Bull Dog had faced fierce competition from other craft breweries in their first few years of operation. However, their determination led to continued growth, which allowed them to hire three regular employees – Jesus Kino (assistant brewer), Steven Horton (pub manager) and Alfred Kilzi. They also had a group of bartenders who worked a shift or two each week. However, at the start of 2017, the co-owners began grappling with a question? 1. Should they begin to invest in the machinery and labor to start bottling their beer? 2. Should they consider different pricing strategies? 3. What additional ways could they look at for giving back to their comm ...
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