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BA 304 Accounting and Marketing Presentation

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Healthcare Information Systems: Accounting and Marketing JASMINE AZEEM, JODIE ENLOW, CHRISTOPHER SCOTT, JOSEPH BENDER, AND MELISSA SEAY BA 304:05 Objectives  What is Health Information Systems?  Purpose of health IT  Evolution of health IT  Concept of Accounting software in health IT  Marketing strategies in health IT  Social Media and Health IT Introduction  Captures, stores, manages, or transmits information  Health-related  Medical records, pharmacy data, financial, material management, and laboratory reporting systems  Health care professionals, managers, payers, and patients  Accounting software  Marketing and demand Purpose of Healthcare IT  Medical care, lower costs, increase efficiency, reduce error, and improve patient satisfaction  Evidence-based  Reduce prescribing errors by up to 95% (CDC)  Clinical decision support systems A Brief History  In the 1960’s and 1970’s mainframes were usually shared in the health field because of the large cost they imposed on the organization. 1980’s  As technology improved healthcare organizations were able to place small computers in every department.  In this decade the government also required organizations to use this technology in order to be reimbursed based on the accuracy of this information. 1990’s – 2000’s  Due to inexpensive computers and networks organizations were finally able to accurately analyze data ...
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