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Manage Identification & Authentication Pt.3 Worksheet

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Computer Science
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Filename: isc2-sscp-2019-2-2-3-manage-identification-and-authentication Show Name: SSCP 2019 Topic Name: Access Controls Episode Name: Manage Identification & Authentication Pt.3 Description: Adam and Wes discuss how to implement and maintain authentication methods, how to support internetwork trust architectures, the steps necessary to participate in the identity management lifecycle, and the how and why of implementing access controls. Access Controls Domain: Access Controls Manage identification and authentication of people, devices, and services 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Identity management implementation Single/multi-factor authentication Accountability Session management Registration and proofing of identity Federated Identity Management (FIM) Credential management systems Access control - any hardware, software, policy or procedure attempting to control access to a resource Subject - User / thing that is requesting access to data Object - Data Access Control Lifecycle: a. Identification - subject claiming an identity (provides uniqueness) b. Authentication - verifies / validates identity of subject through comparison of factor(s) provided (provides validity) c. Authorization - subject is granted access to object based on validated identity (provides control) d. Access - subject interacts with object Registration - process of giving a user an identity Identity proofing - multi-step process used to validate a user identity Accountability - by-product of auditing in access ...
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